Famicom Disk System (and Twin Famicom) Restoration Services + Repro FDS Disks

Started by Xious, January 26, 2011, 12:37:34 pm

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Hi All,

I'm now offering a special rate for Famicom Disk System restoration (repair & refurbish), which includes:

  • Belt replacement;
  • Factory-spec rebuilding of mechanism;
  • Set spindle index position;
  • Required alignment & calibration*;
  • Scratch removal on early (shiny) units;
  • Restoration of drive pulley;
  • Full tuning and adjustments;
  • Light soldering/repair to internal connections (when needed);
  • Best speed setting;
  • A reproduction disk-head protector;
  • Full, 1-Year Warranty! (Extended 2-year, 5-Year and Lifetime warranty options available as well.)

    *Excludes re-adjusting the factory-set head, which is extra is you decided to mess with it, as one guide wrongly advises.

FDS-Disk-Write Mod available for an extra fee.

The rate is only valid for FamicomWorld members, with a minimum history of 30-days on the forum, at US$59.95 (and that includes the belt!) plus return postage, which is almost half what I normally charge for this service. For many of you, the (1-year) warranty alone may be worthwhile, and I restore any drive for this rate that is not missing springs, has broken switches, or a damaged analogue board. (I do service these problems as well for a small extra fee to cover the parts.)

The same rate applies for drive restoration in Sharp Twin Famicom systems; additional restoration services are available for Twin systems as well.

This is discounted both from my normal rate (US$89.95) and my general retro-tech forum rate (US$69.95). The extended warranty rate is available at US$34.95 per year beyond the first (included) 1-Year term for FW members with a 30+-Day term of active participation (history) on this forum. This is discounted from the normal rate of $59.95/year.

Warranty does not cover accidental or intentional damage by user, so no backing over it with your auto please. Damage in transit (from dropping, or being flattened by a forklift, or whatnot) is not covered by this warranty; however, all parcels are fully (if not over-) insured, unless you absolutely refuse insurance. For those of you not in the USA who prefer 'economy postage': You must bear the burden of your choice in freight options, in which case you are responsible for two-way freight costs if something breaks in transit. That is, the warranty does not cover return-circuit postage for uninsured parcels.

Repair/restoration/service rate does not include any repairs to the factory-set drive read-head assembly, nor does it include replacement of any broken or missing parts, aside from the belt itself. Replacement parts are available at an extra cost; I will alert you before attempting any restoration work if your drive had any obviously broken, missing or otherwise deficient bits and pieces, at which point you can give the go-ahead, or I can send it back to you either as-is, or as good as it can be given whatever part is damaged (aside from the belt, which is included in the restoration rate).

FDS drives, once restored in the manner that I use (that is not documented anywhere) will read every Nintendo-made disk that is undamaged itself, and in many cases, pirate disks as well. If you have some disks that won't read, it may not be the disks (as is often the case), but a problematic drive that is causing the failures. i just got in a supply of supposedly dead disks, and I discovered to my surprise and delight+disgust (I actually wanted dead disks for a special  project) that more than half of the 'dead' disks worked flawlessly in my restored drives. (I can make drives read most pirates as well and in some cases, all pirates, for an extra charge for the huge amount of time it takes to do so, at your option.)

If you're interested, please send me a PM. I do not disclose the procedure that I use, just as a casual note in advance for those who I'm sure will inquire as to the method of restoration: It took me a very long time to develop, and the examination of many, many drives, so it's my little trade-secret. If I ever get out of the business of restoring these buggers, which is unlikely to happen in the next decade or so, rest-assured I'll make it available somehow.

You can also call to schedule service by ringing 908-616-8747 (or 260-FDS-DISK) and I'll be happy to discuss with you what I do, the expected turnaround time, and 'alls like that'. Thanks for your interest!  :diskkun:

System Restoration, Service, Customization & Modification Services

As asked, yes, I also offer full restoration, service and customization (including most mods) on Famicom (and other brand/model) systems and controllers. This includes A/V mods, sound mods, power-light (LED), de-yellowing of plastics, full cleaning, specialized colourations, and the like. Electroplating may be available for those interested in silver/gold/metallic items.

System customization in special colours is not using mere spray-paint. I use a special plastic dye that will not scrape (or flake) off or scuff unless you make a huge gouge in the plastic; in fact, it's essentially impossible to remove... I tried to remove it from one system and had to melt the plastic away with very serious chemicals to even smudge it!

I can also restore scuffs, scratches, dings, dents and even gouges in your systems and games. It may also be possible to remove certain markings without causing damage, depending on the source and the extent of the damage already done.

Reproduction Famicom Disk System Games

Reproduction disks of rare to super-rare Famicom Disk System titles are now available as well The rates (For FW members with a 30+-Day active history are as follows:

All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros
.: $54.95 (includes reproduction disk, obi and label) *Reproduction manual is being considered for the future, and if available, will be at an additional cost.

Eggerland: Sōzōhe no Tabidachi: $59.95 (includes reproduction disk, label plus reproduction Disk Writer manual).

New Clu Clu Land: $79.95 (Includes reproduction disk, reproduction white label plus reproduction Disk Writer manual) *Reproduction colour label may be available in the future.

Tanigawa Kōji no Shōgi Shinan II: $99.95 (includes reproduction disk label plus reproduction Disk Writer manual); this is a reproduction of the RAREST Nintendo game ever released to the public, which is as rare as the Gold NWC cartridge!!!

Zelda no Densetsu Beta (White Disk): $?? - Being considered. Will include white reproduction disk -- using special plastic dye, not ordinary paint--and reproduction label.

Golf Prize Cards: $??? - Under consideration, as electroplating process is both expensive and time-consuming. Would include gold (electroplated) disk and reproduction label.

Other titles on demand, assuming I have masters. All reproductions are made using first-generation masters, and all reproduction labels, obis and manuals are made from original prints, marked as reproductions (please see photos in catalogue). Clear, plastic card carrier is *not* included with these prices, as I am very low on these (not with games), and charge extra for them.

Famicom RetroVideo A/V Kits

RetroVideo A/V Kits are available in both USA/World and European (lead-free) versions. I am posting out all orders as time permits. These are no-nonsense easy-peasy kits to modify Famicom systems for A/V output!

I am also offering in-house A/V Conversion for those of you who prefer not to tinker with the guts of your system. This is an additional US$24.95 fee for FW members on top of the price of your preferred RetroVideo kit. Other Famicom system modifications, such as stereo sound, power indicator lights, and other modifications (such as system plastic colour restoration, microphone & controller restoration & rebuilding, etc.) as, as always, available upon request.  

Famicom Disk System Springs & Screws

I now have new (reproduction) springs and screws for the FDS, including those troublesome card-carrier extension springs that are often missing or stretched, causing your FDS disk to be seated improperly, and thus generating those dreaded errors.

A set of three card-carrier springs is US$6.95.
Single card-carrier springs may be available as well; P.M. to inquire.

Other springs are available; I will add more information on types and pricing soon.

I also have most FDS screws and hardware (soon to be all FDS screws) available as reproduction parts; factory screws and hardware are also available (albeit at a higher price).

Parts are available are as follows; R = reproduction, F  factory-only; F/R = available as either:

Screw - FDS Case ---- F/R
Screw - FDS Bezel ---- F/R
Screw - FDS Plate to Case w/o Washer & Lock ---- F/R
Screw - FDS Plate to Case w/Washer & Lock ---- F/R
Screw - FDS Analogue Board ---- F/R
Screw - FDS Hub Retainer ---- F/R
Screw - FDS Head-Sled ---- F (R in progress)
Screw - FDS Disk Insertion Switch ---- F (R in progress)
Hardware - FDS Plate to Case Screw Washer ---- F/R
Hardware - FDS Plate to Case Lock ---- F/R
Hardware - FDS Eject-Plate Clip ---- R
Hardware - FDS Head-Sled Rod ---- F
Hardware - FDS Analogue Board Screw Serrated Washer ---- F
Hardware - FDS Retainer Nut (Early-type) ---- F
Hardware - FDS Spindle Column Spacer/Washer (Dark) ---- N/A (seeking repro part)
Hardware - FDS Spindle Column Spacer/Washer (Nylon) ---- N/A (seeking repro part)
Spring - FDS Disk Card Carrier ---- F/R
Spring - FDS Eject Plate ---- F/R?
Spring - FDS Head-Return ---- F/R?
Spring - FDS Head-Tension ---- F/R?
Switch - FDS Disk Insertion ---- F
Switch - FDS Analogue Board (Short) ---- F
Switch - FDS Analogue Board (Long) ---- F
Assembly - FDS Spindle Motor ---- F
Assembly - FDS Read-Head ---- F
Assembly - FDS Retainer Plate (late) ---- F
Assembly - FDS Retainer Plate (early) ---- F
Assembly - FDS Eject Button Plate ---- F
Assembly - FDS Anti-Piracy Plate ---- F
Assembly - FDS Head-Sled ---- F
Assembly - FDS Card Carrier Tray ---- F
Assembly - FDS Frame ---- F
Assembly - FDS Spindle Retainer (early) ---- F
Assembly - FDS Spindle Retainer (late) ---- F
Assembly - FDS Spindle Hub Pulley (early) ---- F
Assembly - FDS Spindle Hub Pulley (late) ---- F
Assembly - FDS Spindle Hub Seat (Cap) ---- F
Assembly - FDS Spindle Index Hub (early w/nut) ---- F
Assembly - FDS Spindle Index Hub (early w/o nut) ---- F
Assembly - FDS Spindle Index Hub (late w/nut) ---- F
Assembly - FDS Spindle Index Hub (late w/o nut) ---- F
Assembly - FDS Spindle Index Hub Hex Nut ---- F
Assembly - FDS Spindle Gear ---- F
Assembly - FDS Head Pressure Arm ---- F
Assembly - FDS Head Pressure Pad---- N/A R in progress.
Assembly - FDS Belt ---- F/R
Assembly - Analogue Board Switch Shroud ---- F
Electrical - Colour-Match Wire Kit for Disk-Insertion Switch ---- R
Electrical - Colour-Match Wire kit for Spindle Motor ---- R
Enclosure - FDS Front Bezel ---- F
Enclosure - Bottom Case (early/smooth) ---- F
Enclosure - Bottom case (late/textured) ---- F
Enclosure - Top case (early/smooth) ---- F
Enclosure - Top Case (late/textured) ---- F
PCB - FDS Analogue Board (early) ---- F
PCB - FDS Analogue Board (late) ---- F
PCB - FDS Analogue Board (late+modified) ---- F
PCB - Power Board Rev-01 (no W/P) ---- F
PCB - Power Board Rev-01 (w/ W/P) ---- F
PCB - Power Board Rev-02 (no W/P) ---- F
PCB - Power Board Rev-02 (w/ W/P) ---- F
PCB - Power Board Rev-03 ---- F
PCB - Power Board Rev-04 ---- F
PCB - Power Board Rev-04 (write-enable modified) ---- F
PCB - Power Board Rev-05 ---- F
PCB - Power Board Rev-05 (write-enable modified) ---- F
PCB - Power Board Write-Prevent Sub-Board ---- F
Special - FDS Red Head & Spring Sealing Compound ---- R
Special - FDS Lubrication Compound ---- R
Special - FDS Disk Head Protector Card ---- F/R

Note that I always have Famicom systems (all types, including Sharp Twin systems), parts and power supplies available to purchase year-round. Please ring me or send a P.M. with any inquiries... Thanks!  :bomb:


Quote from: Xious on January 26, 2011, 12:37:34 pm
(I can make drives read most pirates as well and in some cases, all pirates, for an extra charge for the huge amount of time it takes to do so, at your option.)

Nice service!  :diskkun:

But, I think it's impossible to calibrate a drive to read all pirates due to the variances in the mal-aligned drives that wrote them. Adjusting the mechanism to read them isn't as hard as people make it out to be, though, but it is super time-consuming.


Ooh this interests me. I bought a non-working FDS last year for really cheap, but I never did get it working. I'm sure it's not the drive though, but my lack of technical skills.


Xious, any reason you're not offering to write-mod drives? That would be a great add-on service to offer.


Re: FDS Write Mods
I do offer write-modding: It's just a different service and the rate depends on which type of mod is required, and if the drive itself needs repair. I restore and modify and repair all systems, but the FDS restoration service is a special rate for FW-memebers, which is abut 47% off instead of my normal 5%-10% FW discount. I didn't actually think of mentioning it at the time of my OP.

Re: Pirate Media...
There are always going to be a few disks that are bad because of either how they were recorded or because of actual bad tracks, but one of the drives that I did for myself reads every *type* of pirate disk; that means the NinteFDo/DiFendo type, the Mag disks (beige), Turbo Di*ks (black/blue) Super-Pig&Phoenix, orange/green disks, etc., including a 'Gun.Smoke' pirate that i thought was simply no-good. I find that many drives will read one type or another, but it's far more difficult to get a dive to read a huge variety of them. That's why I guarantee drives as 100% for non-pirate disks; Special drives for pirate disks are guaranteed as 110%, 120%, 150% and the almost impossible 200% drive that I built for  myself as a reader.


Found this post via Google and I may very well be taking advantage of this.  ;D  I don't have the time or inclination to try to adjust the damn system myself, so this would be a lot easier.  I'll post feedback once the whole thing is said and done!


Bumping and updates:

Most drives in for service are now finished. I only have a couple left in queue. I will be accepting more drives for service presently if anyone is in need at the same discounted price as detailed in the OP of this thread for the time being.

If you have a drive in for service, it should be done soon. I do repairs in the order received, and some (physically broken drives) can take a lot longer than expected, which delays other orders, but I do try to find time to get service calls done ASAP. :bomb:


hey xious

Do you have parts for the famicom system too? like to sell?

My system is missing the bottom 6 screws and the plastic cover for the front plug. I'd like to to buy those items if you have any extra. Let me know, thanks
Life is but a dream.....


Yes, I have all replacement screws (including new screws) and many other parts. I'm working on reproducing some parts now, including the springs for the FDS disk-card carrier. I was considering doing the eject-tray and the head-return springs as well, but the demand is far too low versus the minimum quantity I'd need to make, in order for them to be anywhere near affordable. I do have the port-covers and replacement Famicom screws as well as FDS parts.  :bomb:


I posted this on Xious' feedback thread already but figured I would put it here too, since I promised I would.  :cherry:

My FDS and a few of my nonworking disks were serviced by him.  It took a good while, but my understanding is that he was fairly busy with several other orders at the same time.  The FDS now both looks and works great, and so do the disks.  I have a copy of Doki Doki Panic that would only work sporadically before the FDS was serviced - after the system was returned to me, the game worked on the first try.

I also purchased a copy (not an "original") of an extremely rare Disk Writer-only game, Eggerland: Departure to Creation.  He made his own labels for it, which look good, and of course the game works too.  I'm expecting him to send a copy of the manual once he has the time to make it, as well.  I guess I will post another update after I've received it.

UPDATE: I received the manual a while ago but forgot to update til now, sorry Xi! It looks great, I'm quite pleased with it.


First bump in ages. note that i am accepting orders, but all service orders are delayed as i am still backed up. I plan to catch up on all overdue orders and transactions this month. I bumped this because of an interested new member that contacted me, and I had t update a few things as well, so I decided to go ahead and move it up to the top for a while   :pow:

More interesting goodies are forthcoming  :bomb:


Wow totally awesome now I need to get me a FDS that's broken so you can fix it up :p
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Hmm... I'm actually amazed that you didn't know that I did this work. Normally, i restore drives to sell, but I offer this service to FW members at a special rate, and I had a huge demand this year for it... I had so many orders that it cut int my normal restoration operations (drives tos ell), which actually cost me a little bit here and there, but I don't especially mind doing this for active FW members.

I still need to complete an order for another 30-to-50 FDS units sometime soon, after I get everything else sorted so that I have additional systems to sell over the next few months, as I expect to sell-out entirely over the holiday season :bomb:


wow totally awesome sir! I wish you the best and yeah you better be ready for the holidays that are here already!!! ^_^ MASTER OF DISK SYSTEM!
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Well, that's my general goal You may wish to note that I take longer (due to my work load and other factors) and charge a but more than others might, but my goal is to make everything perfect and I'm the only restoration guy outside of Nippon (or maybe including Nippon these days, now that NCL no longer offers this) that gives a full 1-year warranty on all my work. To date, I have never had a restoration returned under warranty either--I've also yet to face a drive that I couldn't repair, save one that worked 95% of the time due to seriously damaged components--I make these buggers as good as, if not better than, new.  :bomb: