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Started by Maikol, May 28, 2011, 05:40:54 pm

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+1 Positivie;
Bought from me a brand new Game Genie. Good communication and fast payment.


+1 for lot pirate carts.  Good buyer.  :D



October 07, 2011, 12:08:53 pm #2 Last Edit: October 07, 2011, 12:18:43 pm by MasterDisk

Negative Feedback
Scammer, liar, rude and racist (I can copy paste if anyone is interested !). Worst person to deal with. Tries to be friendly but is competly selfish. Gave a wrong tracking number to make me think he sent it and blocked me off skype to avoid any complains. Also he keeps changing nicknames to avoid people he scammed tracking him, he has 2 accounts here.


In the beginning of the summer, me and Masterdisk had made a deal that we should be trading a game for a game. Everything went on fine, and we both sent each others games. Somehow it seems like the game that i sent, did not arrive.

I was totally not aware of this fact until a whole lot of time after that. Instead of contacting me directly, via Skype, mail, or even a PM on FW, he was telling another friend that the game had not arrived, and that the other friend should tell me that.

This was during the beginning of the summer. About a month ago, Masterdisk attemps to reach me for the first time. Note that this is almost three months later. He is very angry, and are accusing me for being a liar, a scammer, and that he "knew" i was a scammer, and the only reason why he sent me the game, was because so that he could stop me to dealing with other people.

All about this, i think both the Moderators, and totally the administrator of this board can read in my personal message inbox, since he wrote me here at FW.

I totally understand the frustration when things are not working out as they should. And i have been a member of many different international boards, and i have never, ever had any serious issues with anyone, until i met this guy.

If you feel that it is important to call me a liar, a racist, and such things. Then feel free to do that. But if you think that this are going to settle anything, then i think you are the one with the problems, not me. I have been trying to offer you ways to solve this issue. But you keep calling me a scammer and to be honest, i could have been more available from time to time. But i dont see why i should be tolerating to be called a lot of rude stuff, and then you would excpect me to be nice to you?

Sure thing, i have not always been polite to you. We have had some pretty rough conflicts during the last year. But never, ever have i told anyone, anything bad about you in person. If you think that i am a racist, feel free. If you think that i am rude, feel free. But to post on a open message board, stuff that totally has nothing to do with the fact that you are feeling scammed, i think it is kind of low.

But this is your decision. All i can say is that i feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you obviously cannot let it go. You have been stalking me over and over, and by this fact, i feel that there is not really much i either want, or even feel important to say to you.

If you are taking this as i am ignoring you, feel free. I have been ignoring you. But i have never ignoring you because i have been trying to escape some kind of scam. I have been ignoring you because i feel that the only result that we both are getting from talking to each others, is totally negative.

I do not think that you are a bad person. I understand you anger, but if you honestly wanted to have solved this issue, then there had been around a whole lot of smoother ways, than what you have been doing. And this makes me think that the only purpouse of all this, is that you wants to have some kind of sick revenge, for what? 10 bucks?

Seriously. I can also copy and paste a whole lot of stuff regarding your own actions, lies, rudeness etc etc. But if i was that kind of person that feels better to make other people feel bad, then i would already had.

My other nickname i have been using here a while ago was called: Sungryong. A moderator, or even an administrator of this board could feel free to have a look at my personal messages for any kind of "scams".

Also, if someone else here at this board have been "scammed" by either this Goldwing account, or the Sungryong account, feel free to write it. The reason why i do not use that user anymore is simply because i do not longer have any access to that password. But that is quite irrelevant since the main issue was that i according to you, was using that account as a scammer.

So if anyone has been scammed from that account. At least the administrator of this board should fairly easy be able to check it up.

Take care  :D


I guess the best would be to see with the moderator(s). I let one of them contact each of us and discuss about this...


My first question is why would you ever need two accounts? My second is why did it take an essay to explain your side? (most of which is irrelevant BS.) Third, why is your only post on this forum about defending yourself from being accused of scamming, and not something that would at least make us think you're a respectable person?

QuoteTake care  :D

That sealed the deal, you pompous twat.


I like the many "feel free" parts in his essay, very nice.
I agree with petik1, Scammers should feel free to leave the forum and never return.



October 08, 2011, 01:59:35 am #8 Last Edit: October 08, 2011, 03:13:56 am by MasterDisk
Actually when I was able to talk with him the last time, it was completly unrelevant too. Keeps avoiding the subject and saying BS.
Something you didn't seems to catch: when you block someone on Skype, on the other side, the picture disappear and it may appear as ? icon. Which strangely what happened right after you told me you shipped the parcel.
You (strangely) came back there when an interesting FS thread was put there. I had to send you a PM to make you go online (unblock me) on Skype.
And I know during the 3 months you were "off"., You were still a lot around the internet. Just avoiding me.
Did I stalk you because you scammed me ? Yeah I did. But I don't think talking in a chat where you are too, is stalking someone, just sayin' !

And tell me, WHY you didn't contact me when you got the parcel ? That's what are doing everyone when they receive something, no ?

And you even said on skype you didn't want to talk with me so you were really rude. if you do not want to talk to people, you tell them and it's over, clean and no one is unhappy. But you wanted to get this multicart so you didn't do that. (anyone who is wondering, his excuse was: nobody is perfect)


About all of these words and questions that you have been written here, you have already told, asked and nagged about on PM:s, Skype messages and so on. If you really were interested in solving his dispute, then you wouldnt have been starting it with accusing me for being something that i am clearly not.

Clearly this feedback, which had nothing to do with any deal at FW at all, was just to blackmail me. And no, there is no need to write an essay, because there isnt much more to say.

You did not want to settle this from the beginning, you did not even try to contact me when there clearly was a problem. You had my mail, you had my username here at FW, just because i was not online at Skype does not mean i was dead or something. So what do you do? You write a third part and ask HIM to contact me? Then after a long while, you start to threatening and accusing me by PM:s here at  FW, then a while after that, you leave this ridiculous feedback?

By no part of time, you have actually been trying to solve this as a grown up person. By no part of time, you have been contact me and asked how we should settle this, i will not waste any more time on this. I am of course always willing to settle things nice and clear, but if you got some personal issues with me, shoot me a E-mail or whatever.

Until that, i will not take part of any "drama", wether that was your intention or not. You have my mail address, and thats all you need.



October 08, 2011, 06:22:41 am #10 Last Edit: October 08, 2011, 01:11:11 pm by MasterDisk
I tried. And I ended up needing to use someone as a middleman. This is when I tryed to settle this. You didn't want to cooperate. I used to send emailS. No answer. And still you doesn't answer my question in bold in the last post. Funny how you avoid about everything that shows the reverse.


Goldwing, I know you're still going to look at this thread, and you're going to see my reply, so please answer it.  Why do you think you need two accounts on here?
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