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last beer you drink???

Started by hagai, July 03, 2011, 05:56:00 am

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That's really a weird coincidence.
I usually don't drink beer, but today I felt like it and you make a thread about it.  :crazy:

I just had 2 cans of Yebisu and 2 cans of Asahi (500ml each). (I'd prefer German beer, but I drink what I can get here.)
I think I drank it a bit too fast, because I'm feeling the effects already. I hope my typing isn't affected too much. (I'll check back tomorrow.  :D )


I really don't drink much at all.  But I was at a wedding last weekend and there was an open bar, so I figured why not.  Had a Coors Lite (awful!) and a Yuengling (not bad!).

Parodius Duh

Bud Light Golden Wheat. It was okay I guess. Had the worse beer Ive ever tasted, Red Dog. Shit tastes like the aluminum can its in.


Duvel in Belgium a year ago, I don't drink haha.




Last beer I drank? Asking for the brand of the beer? xD

Not like: "Last thing you drank" ?


Cuzquena when I was partying in Peru ^_^
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'Black Butte' porter; One of my favourite locals. It has a froth-y, almost stout-like texture and a deep, burnt cocoa character to it. I miss being able to have a Caffrey's though, and I could surely go for a pint of Hen's Tooth right about now... I can find the draught-style cans (better than bottles) from time-to-time, but there's none to be had on draught locally/  :bomb:


Drinking a Hollandia right now. Not my favourite beer, but it's cheap  :coin:


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Tatra Mocna :blinky:


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Velkopopovický Kozel  :crazy:

That´s the Soda Popinsky one?


Lol, nah, those are two different things, I believe Soda Popinsky drank some CCCP made liquor while Kozel was from CZ :-)


My own? It wasn't even a beer... but a homemade Mead...  ;D
Strong as hell... knock ya dead drunk if you aren't careful.  ;D


hahaha lets have a beer fest:D


I am back everyone :)