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last beer you drink???

Started by hagai, July 03, 2011, 05:56:00 am

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Thought so.  ;D

Dark beer is indeed very good.
I've yet to try Yebisu Black (I think...) ... I'll put that on my list.


Best black beer on the market shelves.. (In Japan)!  Definitely need to try it.


Quote from: JessicaWolf on July 14, 2013, 03:23:59 pm
Last beer I had was a Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat!

It was actually the first beer I have EVER actually liked. I absolutely hate the taste of Hops, so finding Shock Top is amazing so now I have an option when I dont want to pay exorbitant prices for Strongbow or other ciders  ;D

This one sounds crazy good.


Carling Premier. I mostly drink lager so whatever. :P
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I drank an Asahi Super Dry tonight.

Have you Japanese based guys drunk the other Nagoya Kinsachi Beers yet?

You can get Green Tea and Miso Flavours!!!!!  :pow:

However the best was this one at Xmas.....


Why don't they send those Japanese beers to Taiwan?  We just get the shitty Japanese beers here, piss water is how I like to think of them, same with the local Taiwan brews, Korean brews, and Chinese brews.  Right now the best thing I have access to at the convenience store is Becks, which isn't saying much, since they are quite low on my list of German beers. 
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JessicaWolf got me curious as to what Hard Cider tastes like, I'm hooked. (not really)



Labbatt Blue. Good Canadian beer.


Black Ice. Cheapish Canadian beer. 6.1% alcohol


Newcastle or was it some Spotted Cow, or was it Old Style... I don't remember...
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Yuk... raspberry beer, awful, I really don't know why I did it :'(


Long island iced tea premix with some lemonade because i'm a cheap drunk :P I know it's not beer and i'm about to say the most unaustralian thing ever I DON'T LIKE BEER