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last beer you drink???

Started by hagai, July 03, 2011, 05:56:00 am

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I am proud to say the last beer I had was a glorious stout called KBS from Founders. If anybody here is into the beer culture then you might know of the rumors of how amazing this is...and the rumors are true!.


Hite beer.  A light crisp, cool Korean.
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I had a Budweiser with my lunch and now I'm about to have a blue.


I don't drink. It's illegal for me to drink. Gotta wait two years + I don't want to end up like my dad and my mom's parents. Whatever. Idc.
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Ive been getting drunk and high since I was 14. If alcohol doesnt matter to you, then I say stear clear, especially if you have a family history of alcoholism.



Sam Adams Cold Snap. Bought a case of this a while back. Six bottles to go!


I had hard iced tea last night whilst playing cards against humanity. A pleasant drink and evening :D



I drank 5 "Blue's" last night.


I drank a 4 pack of Cass last night, a crappy beer from South Korea.  I never saw the beer before, and the convenience store recently got it in.  That stuff was terrible, and today I have a mild hangover, bit of a stomachache,  and the beer shits.  Grr...

And that is how you know if the quality of beer is good or bad.  Last weekend I went up to Taipei and went to a beer festival, where I sampled about 50 different craft beers.  The size of the samples varied, but needless to say, I ended up getting drunk, and so did everyone I think.  But I woke up fine the next morning, no headache, hangover, or anything, since the beers were top quality and had ingredients in them that end up reducing the effect of hangover the next morning.
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Fcgamer. I hate trying new beer as im usually disappointed.

I just bought at 15 pack of molsen Canadian.  They have these new vented tops so you can drink them fast.


I've been going to this one store attached to a bar that has all kinds of weird brands.  Bought a couple "make your own six pack" deals and worked my way through those.  I should post pictures later :D

Almost done my case of Cold Snap.  Two bottles to go!


Quote from: MaxXimus on May 21, 2014, 02:05:31 pm
They have these new vented tops so you can drink them fast.

What's that for? I already drink pretty fast sometimes, but I've heard of some people taking a whole glass of beer in one shot. Drinking that fast you can't possibly enjoy it that much can you (unless it's nomihoudai and you want value for your money)?


I drink pretty fast. I dont chug beer or anything, but a bottle of beer is usually no more than 5-10 sips depending on how thirsty I am. This is why I shouldn't really drink alcohol.

Ah well...