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last beer you drink???

Started by hagai, July 03, 2011, 05:56:00 am

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I don't drink, but if I saw one of those I'd be tempted!  ;D


Big can of Heineken last weekend while I watched the Packers play. 


Kronenbourg - one of the best beer out there, don't you think ?

I also like the colouristic composition, kinda reminds me of :crazy:


Quote from: MWK on November 13, 2012, 03:09:29 am
Kronenbourg - one of the best beer out there, don't you think ?

I also like the colouristic composition, kinda reminds me of :crazy:

Where is that beer from?

I remember drinking Polish beer all the time while in Germany.  My one German friend's parents lived in Cotbus, near the Polish border, and he would always cross over and bring back some beer for us when he went to visit his folks.

Now I am drinking 7-11 beer, titled "The Beer".  Cheap, but not very tasty.  Trying to scale back financially at the end of the month, hehe.
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Time to revive this.

I'm having a can of Suntory Premium Malt's (Pilsner) right now.
Not bad.


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Well, if you wanna get technical, my last beer was a.. Root Beer!  :D

Last real beer I had was (See below). On a side note, I read the other day that Universal Studios in Orlando Florida is extending their Simpsons ride to include a replica of the town Springfield. And what comes with that is on-site brewed Duff Beer.  :o


Leinenkugel Summer Shandy

Supposed to be a kind of beer / iced tea mix.  Tasted like beer with lemon :D


Looking for:

Neo Geo stuff, NES/Famicom games IN BULK


Last beer I had was this bottle of Stiegl. I enjoyed the strong, "hoppy" bite it had to offer. Yeah, my Gyromite cartridge makes the best coaster these days  :pacman:
I'll probably die surrounded by plastic crap.


Last beer I had was a Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat!

It was actually the first beer I have EVER actually liked. I absolutely hate the taste of Hops, so finding Shock Top is amazing so now I have an option when I dont want to pay exorbitant prices for Strongbow or other ciders  ;D
Here are a few games I am looking for right now
Super Puzzle Fighter II X (Sega Saturn)
GeGeGe no Kotarou (Sega Saturn)
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Sega Saturn)
KiKi KaiKai (PC Engine) (CIB)
Puzzle Bobble (Super Famicom) (CIB)


wow best thread ever.

Last beer.


That's not beer, heathen!  :fire:

(Sorry, the German in me came through.  ;D )

On a more serious note: Was it good?


lol.. I dont usually drink this kind, was a gift from friend.  It wasn`t good at all actually :)  Do not like sweet beer.  Yebisu black is my favorite.