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Gamecube woes

Started by nensondubois, July 09, 2011, 07:11:29 pm

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After my Silver Gamecube that had a sticking open button when I first bought it, to no longer having the ability to spin disks, I went out to plop down 30 bucks for a used Black Gamecube at a Gamestop (needed a Gamecube quick), where I also purchased a ton of GBA games.

I went home only to find out that there was a rattling noise when I went to hold it just to give it a minor inspection just in case I would have had to go out and replace it. Now comes the time-wasting fun! The entire inside of the hood was covered in some nasty sticky substance which warranted roughly thirty minutes of cleaning with white gloves (didn't want to take chances on whatever it was that the previous owner exposed their poor Gamecube to.) and the works.

Was the cleaning done? No, the cleaning was just beginning. As I went to install my Game Boy Player, I found more grime under the high-speed port. Obviously we are now in deliberate territory in Grossness Canyon... unless these were little kids playing with fruit jelly or something, which is possible. I checked all of the other expansion ports and they seemed fine so I didn't bother cleaning them. The loose plastic is still inside and I will open it up for an internal cleaning sometime soon.

I placed the Gamecube Service Disk inside with suspenseful few seconds it booted up. The whole day's efforts proved to be a success. :)


Wow. You should really take it apart to see what other surprises are lurking there for you. I would keep a bottle of isopropyl alcohol nearby. ::)