Famicom Disk Writer - Pics? Sold Online?

Started by Geruta, July 20, 2011, 09:28:55 pm

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Im curious if there are any pictures of the so called "Disk Writer" and if any have even been sold online. I am referring to the  device that looked similar to a jukebox and allowed users to rewrite their Famicom disks with new games for 500 Yen. From what I read online, it was typically placed inside of hobby and toy stores and removed from stores in 1993.

And while we are at it, what else do we know about the Disk Writer? Was it a modified Famicom? What were the technical specs of said device?


It was sold/given to the shops so they could rewrite disks. When someone wanted to rewrite a disk, they had to ask the seller. He had to open the door, take a NES like cartridge, put it in the slot on top with the disk to rewrite/blank disk.
Then the music from

When you would write the disk, this video would play (4:10 to 4:35 but I'm not sure)

What I can tell you:
Only 50 Disk Writer were sent to the main cities during the release of FDS.
The months later, they sent 3000 Disk Writer.

It weights 115kg
I think Xious or Ericj has a photo of the inside

All my infos are from the book "L'histoire de Nintendo Vol. 3"

Nintendo and some shops kept Disk Writers until 2003 when Nintendo announced the end of production of the Famicom. You could send your disks to rewrite to Nintendo (you had the choice between 103 titles and they would send it back rewrited with new sticker).


Very very cool. Thanks for the extra info MasterDisk. I would love to see the insides of this device so if those two users ( Xious or Ericj) have them lets pester them to post it here!  ;D

:question: Were the yellow NES like carts inside of the machine playable inside a real NES? :question:


No idea and I doubt. none of these carts were found yet and as the files on the EPROMs inside the yellow carts were designed for the FDS. I highly doubt. And thew pinouts may be different too !


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I believe it's Xious who has the internal pics, and I recall that he recently posted them on the forum somewhere. You could probably find them, if he did, by reviewing his recent posts. 



I have photos gathered from various websites, but as to any that I might have taken myself once upon a time they're on rolls of 35mm film in a black film box somewhere, and wouldn't show the system either in operation or inside. I don't recall posting any on FW, but I might have done and simply forgotten.

The yellow carts would not load on any system; the reasons for this are technical having to do with the lack of support hardware (memory mappers and RAM) inside them.  :bomb:


bump i want more info on the disk writer... hope some japanese collector maniac is looking at this topic and posting pictures of the nes like cartridges  ;D
I am back everyone :)