"NES Disk System" - Possible?

Started by Lupin the Third, July 22, 2011, 09:51:35 pm

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Lupin the Third

Hello, everyone. Occasional reader, first-time poster. Apologies if this was covered in an older thread, but I seriously couldn't find anything on the Internet on the subject (poor Google-fu?)

I was looking through some old threads (mainly this one here: http://www.famicomworld.com/forum/index.php?topic=1860.0 ) and I got thinking: how come no one has tried to build an NES Disk System setup, a la the Power Pak? Is there a reason why a group couldn't make a specialized NES "Disk System" cart and modify a Disk System to fit underneath the NES, into the Expansion Port. That's what NOA was planning to do anyway, right? How come no one has tried to make that happen? Or have they, and I missed it?

The only hiccup I've seen is the whole pinout fiasco. But it seems like the NES was designed around the version of the Disk System. Isn't it possible? I realize it might be a "niche" thing to produce, but probably no more so than the reproduction game carts I keep seeing popping up. Well, I suppose another problem might be the dwindling lineup of working disk drives. Are vanilla Mitsumi drives common or (fairly) easily modifiable to work as Disk System guts? Could someone make NEW Disk System drives? I imagine the patents are largely expired by now, or close to it.

Anyway, just wanted everyone's thoughts on the likelihood of such a thing being made and working correctly.


The simple answer: You can make a special PCB and convert the components from a FDS RAM-Adapter to fit inside a NES game shell, then lengthen the cable and use the FDS as normal. The cable would need to come out of the NES RAM-Adapter from the top side near the edge, as to not obstruct insertion. I started doing this a long while back, but never finished it due to limitations on my time; as it's not marketable, 'twas purely for my own use.

There is no need to attach the FDS to the EXP port and in fact, that would be impossible. This was never Nintendo's plan for using the port, though other devices, such as the Keyboard and 3-D system would've attached there. All you need to wire on the EXP port is the FDS sound bridge to the cartridge EXP pins; select the pin of your choice from the given ten.  :bomb:

Parodius Duh

Xious hit the nail on the head....I was going to say that the expansion port was not built around the FDS add on.


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Indeed, that's yet another of those Wikipedia 'facts', built on a misconception and completely devoid of truth. I have done a deal of work with uses of the EXP ports, both on the NES and on the FC, and the most logical expansion use for the NES (at the time of its release) would've been a computer kit, with a keyboard and tape-drive, to match the Sharp-Hudson BASIC kit of the Famicom.

The FDS doesn't (in any normal operation) interface with Family BASIC, in case anyone was going to ask.  :bomb:

P.S. This topic belongs in the technical topics area, now that we have one. :)

There you go! -ND