Still confused on AC Adapters... (SuFami, not sure if it should be moved)

Started by Circlekyuu, August 03, 2011, 12:19:43 pm

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An SNES AC/AC adapter may work on a SFC, because the console transforms the current from AC to DC. 

However, it didn't work well with my AC adapter. I got a distorted picture. It may be because the inside of the SFC changed during revisions, but it may also be that my AC adaptor is not working well.

But I do know several people who successfully run their SFC on PAL SNES AC adaptors. They report that the console gets a bit hot, but other than that no problem.
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Hmm... that's odd because instead of the console running hot the AC Adapter itself runs hot, but I guess that's the same thing?


No, 'tisn't the same at all. I'd suspect your AC adapter is simply getting weak, but this will only affect the longevity of the AC adapter, not your system.. If you are concerned and want to buy a new-old-stock (aftermarket) power supply for the SNES/SFC/FC, I have them in stock. :bomb: