RGB mod on twin famicom or original famicom possible?

Started by famiac, August 06, 2011, 01:42:17 pm

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i was wondering if it is possible to modify a famicom or twin famicom for RGB out so i can get the highest quality image i can get. Excuse me for being new to the RGB modding scene.



Yes but be sure you know what's involved to achieve it. All NES or famicom RGB mods are costly. Main reason being how difficult to find the needed chip has become.

I will get to it myself later. Ended up putting that idea on hold a while. In the meantime I'm using a weird method to partly improve the image on my particular setup.


Yes, it is possible. You'd want one of three RGB PPUs for the job, and I'd advise the PC-10 version, as you're not damaging a $600+ system for them. The image quality isn't going to be much better than the A/V out though, so unless you're making an arcade cabinet from it, you probably shouldn't bother with all the extra expense and added work.  :bomb:


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Im talking about the original and twin famicom. Can anyone offer a solution to the jail bar problem?


Quote from: famiac on August 12, 2011, 01:46:50 pm
Im talking about the original and twin famicom. Can anyone offer a solution to the jail bar problem?

The solution is to rgb modify a system that's known not to have jailbars.  So far the systems I rgb modded that had jailbars were both toasters.  They were nes-cpu-10 and nes-cpu-11.

The systems that I rgb modded with the best looking video were the av famicom and the nes 2.  The nes 2 was a complete surprise considering that the nes rgb modding "expert" I consulted told me that the nes 2 would have nasty jailbars.  And considering that the nes 2 has jailbars in rf video with the default ppu chip I didn't expect it to look so clean.

I also rgb modded a nes-cpu-06 toaster and it looks almost as good as the nes 2/av famicom.  It's slightly worse but not bad at all.  Jailbars completely depend on the system it seems.  Later I'll try working on my nes-cpu-10 and see if there's anyway to improve the image but I doubt it.


I just bought a twin famicom today for fun.  Gonna socket mod the ppu chip and throw in the rgb kit and then see how it looks.  I even bought a cheap fds game to check that the fds will work with it modded.