XXX in 1 Pirate cart Game Lists - Please provide details

Started by mamejay, August 24, 2011, 04:52:14 pm

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Hello everyone,
I thought it would be a good idea to start getting lists of the all the games that are included on a lot of these new xxx in 1 multi game carts for the famicom.
I just received two in the mail yesterday from volumerates so I thought having a thread listing what is exactly on each would be a good idea.
Please post up lists of games excluding doubles and I will update the thread with the games.  Makes it easier deciding on which cart to grab.
Might be a good idea to mention if they work on original hardware.  I have a couple more coming in the next week so I will do my best to update this often.

79 in 1 Works on original hardware

Super mario
Tetris II
Lode Runner
Super Tank
Small Mario

106 in 1 Works on original hardware
F1 Race
Super Mario


This is a wonderfull idea, it can help many to choose the right cartridge among those milions of pirate carts! Although a project like this already exists:

(I can provide my own creation - a screenshot page for the 700-in-1 multi - also mentioned over at the bootleggames webpage -



I've bought the 110 in 1 cartridge, i will post the games it has when i receive it. Keep the work alive, as i think it's very interesting !!!


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Mine was shipped not too long ago (3 whole weeks after I paid for the lot!), so I'll post my list as soon as I can.

*note: my carts finally arrived and I can verify the 3 in 1 Adventure Island cart does not work on real Famicom hardware. The 132-in-1 8-bit Home Game Cartridge, however does, but there are only 5 games:

Zippy Race
Jewellry (real typo)
Harry Potter
Dr. Mario


Well instead of the 110 in 1 i received a broken 4 in 1 cartridge, at least i had a reply from volumerates and seems the problem will be solved, so i will post my review when i had the cartridge.

I Hope you could post your reviews too.



Quote from: myfreelog on October 18, 2011, 05:26:31 am
Anyone could tell me wich real games are inside this 3 in 1 tmnt cartridges?

I think the second one has tmnt 2 the arcade game inside but i'd like to confirm that.

Thanks a lot !

Usually goes like this:

TURTLE 1 = Gekikame Ninja Den ( AKA TMNT 1 in USA)
TURTLE 2=  TMNT The Arcade Game
TURTLE 3=  TMNT 3 The Manhattan Project
TURTLE 4=  TMNT Tournament Fighters


Quote from: Strider_Hiryu on October 18, 2011, 03:20:11 pm
Quote from: myfreelog on October 18, 2011, 05:26:31 am
Anyone could tell me which real games are inside this 3 in 1 tmnt cartridges?

I think the second one has tmnt 2 the arcade game inside but i'd like to confirm that.

Thanks a lot !

Usually goes like this:

TURTLE 1 = Gekikame Ninja Den ( AKA TMNT 1 in USA)
TURTLE 2=  TMNT The Arcade Game
TURTLE 3=  TMNT 3 The Manhattan Project
TURTLE 4=  TMNT Tournament Fighters


Thanks, i supposed that was how the games are named, but with this kind of Chinese cartridges you really never know what you get until it's too late ...  ;D


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My next buy is 7-in-1 8-bit Mario Series Home Game Cartridge. I've tested the ROM in fceultra but it seems it's not exactly the same game. The ROM floating around the net has Mario is missing but the one sold in volumerates do not.

Anyone could post a list of the real Mario games included in the cartridges and the real names of the hacked games?



Got 15 of the Volumerates multicarts last week along with a very shitty famiclone. I've just compiled a list of what games are on the carts for those who want to buy some from them. Only one of the 15 carts didn't work, but more or less all of them are a bit glitchy (some more then others).
I'm sorry that I don't know the names of all the original games, but on this list the first name is what you get to choose on the select screen and the second one is the name of the original game (if I happen to know it). Also I sometimes listed if the game is a japanese or english release, but not for all.

KT-8265 3-in-1
Turtle 1 - TMNT 1 (JP)
Turtle 3 - TMNT Manhattan project (english)
Turtle 4 - TMNT tournament fighters

KT-8403 4-in-1
Silk Worm (Shooter)
Dead Fox (JP)
Adventure 3 - Adventure Island 3

YH-401 4-in-1
Marios 10 - Jackie chan hack
Marios 11 - Adventure Island 3 hack
Marios 14 - Unknown hack
Marios Missing - Mario is Missing (english)

YH-4129 4-in-1
Robocop 1 - Robocop 1
Robocop 2 - Robocop 2
Robocop 3 - Super Rescue? (JP)
Robocop 4 - Robocop 4? (start screen has him with little girl on his shoulder)

YH-3133 3-in-1
Rockman 3
Mortal Kombat 7 (english)
Doubles - Double Dragon 3 (JP)

YH-3123 3-in-1
Tekken Special 3 - Tekken 3 (Chinese original?)
Batman 2 - Batman

Island 2 - Adventure Island 2 (JP)
Island 3 - Adventure Island 4 (JP)
Island 4 - Adventure Island 3

YH-3130 3-in-1
Tekken Special 3 - Tekken 2
Island 4 - Adventure Island 4
Snow Bros (english)

YH-474 4-in-1 (was backwards in the case)
12 Hero Fighters - Street fighter hack
Kick Master (English)
Bubble Dragon - Bubble Bobble 2
SD Fighter - Mighty Final Fight

YH-4243 4-in-1 (Broken)

YH-705 7-in-1 (Mario games, super glitchy cart)
Mario 3 - Super Mario 3
Mario 5 - Super Mario USA hack
Mario 16 - Joe & Mac Cavemen Ninja hack
Mario 7 - Flintstones hack
Mario 10 - Jackie Chan hack
Mario 14 - Unknown hack
Super Mario Bros - Super Mario Bros with extra jumping power?

YH-4220 4-in-1
Tiny Toons 1 - Tiny Toons Adventures (english)
Tiny Toons 2 - Tiny Toons Adventures 2 (JP)
Tiny Toons 3 - Bugs Bunny's crazy castle hack
Tom Jerry - Tom & Jerry (and Tuffy) (english)

8-in-1 Super Game
Volly Ball - U.S. Championship V'Ball
Namennayo - Kunio Kun dodge ball game (don't know the real name) (JP)
Hockey - Kunio Kun hockey game (don't know the real name) (JP)
Bikkuain - Kuni Kun tag team judo fighting game (don't know the real name) (JP)
Hero Sporting - Kunio Kun running game with rpg elements (don't know the real name) (JP)
Heros Story - River City Ransom (JP)
Round Ball - Kunio Kun street basketball game (don't know the real name) (JP)
Goal III - Nintendo World Cup (JP)

YH-432 4-in-1
12 Hero Fighters - Street fighter hack
Gun Nac 3 - Gun Nac
Monster Fight - Monster in my pocket
Natsume - Kage/Blue Shadow

I also got the 64-in-1 cart but didn't feel up to listing all the games on it. I haven't tested them all yet but it seems these are actually 64 games on one cart, although this cart is also super glitchy.


I am already  creating a site with all that info if you all want you can help :) currently i am scanning all my carts + screenshots of the difference between originals etc. Also different names etc  :)
If you want i can get the database up and running so everyone can help with the info :)
I am back everyone :)


YH-4243 4-in-1 (Broken)

look at the board there will be a short track, look closely and join them with solder


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Kiddo, what's the problem with the 7 in 1 mario cartridge? I bought mine one week ago but it has not been sent, it seems they are out of stock. I hope they will get more cartridges soon.

About The 64 in 1, it has in fact 53 games, the last ten are dupes of others. The list can be found on the volumerates web, but  should be like this:

1.  Adventure Island
2.  Gradius
3.  Star Soldier
4.  The Goonies
5.  The Legend of Kage
6.  Tetris (tengen version without intro)
7.  Super Mario Bros.
8.  Twin Bee
9.  Ninja Kun II
10.City Connection
13.Spartan X (Kung-Fu)
15.Front Line
16.Lunar Ball
20.Five Chess
21.Lode Runner
22.Lode Runner Championship
23.Mahjong 2
24.Mahjong 4
25.Nuts & Milk
27.Star Force
28.Yie Ar Kung-Fu
29.Ninja Kun
30.Mario Bros. (Mr Mary)
31.Donkey Kong
32.Donkey Kong Jr.
33.Donkey Kong 3 (Gorilla 3)
35.Excite Bike
36.F-1 Race
37.Road Fighter
42.Ice Climber
44.KinnikuMan (M.U.S.C.L.E.)
45.Battle City
46.Sky Destroyer
47.Balloon Fight
48.Formation Z
50.Circus Charlie
52.Super Arabian
53.Antartic Adventure
54 to 64 are dupes.

I hope those of you that buy those dozens of games in 1 could post your lists. I think most of them have only 4 o 5 really old games, but maybe one or two could worth the money...


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I should have received the 110 in 1 cart today but instead what i got is another game. It's the third time i receive an incorrect cartridge, but i wont spend my time opening another ticket again.  >:(


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Today i received an incorrect cartidge again.   >:(