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Started by senseiman, August 24, 2011, 07:04:54 pm

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Algo Fonix

Wish I could've jumped on that FDS but... I can't afford to collect for two new systems right now. 

Gah, so many games and so cheap... PM sent!  :gamer:



I am interested in the Super Famicom with the AV cables and AC adaptor as well as Super Mario Collection and Super Mario Kart. What would the total cost including postage be?

Thanks :-)


PM sent, waiting your paypal invoice. Thanks :)

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Payment sent PAL, please read instructions :)

Thanks so much.


Hello senseiman / guys!

The carts have arrived in order, fabulous / nice condition, thank you very much senseiman!  :)

Shipped at 15th of November, receivedat at 24th of November (I'm from Hungary), really quick delivery at the real shippig COST! Recommended seller, a pleasure to deal with! C'mon guys, place your orders!!!  :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

(SOLD carts: Famicom - Tom Sawyer (white cart, Square), Choplifter (light green cart, Jaleco), Castle Quest (red cart, Hudson), Hatris (black cart, Bullet-Proof), Super Xevious (gold cart, Namcot), Dr. Mario (white cart, Nintendo).


I'd like to buy some of the games(around 20) you have listed in this post. How do I go about doing that? and whats shipping cost to Los Angeles???



I was wondering if I might be able to talk to you about some of your games that you have on sale and which ones are still available as I see the list hasn't been updated in a month and was thinking some of them might be gone because of Christmas.

Thank you so much,
Justin 'JewWario' Carmical

Mitsuo Excel

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Mitsuo Excel

I bought a Famicom and Mega Drive system from senseiman and everything went smooth. I definitely will buy from him again soon! (He also responded to my questions promptly and accurately  ;D)
Game I'm Working On: Advance Wars: Dual Strike (U) (NDS)



The March Update is here!  In February!    I added about 70-80 new Famicom games (including some I had sold out of earlier), some new SFC, N64, Game Gear, Game Boy, etc etc.  New consoles too.


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