Famicom comic (1985) scanned

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Oh punkpolitical you're back too! Translating feels allot easier now than when we started this project for about a year ago. Also I have a denshi jisho with a stylus now so I can look up kanji so much faster than with radical look up, or by drawing with a mouse. I figured that if I do at least one page a day we should be finished with this pretty soon.

Allright another two pages:
Manabu: Alright! I challenge you with a game once again!
Manabu: What... Some trash got stuck in here!
Konkichi: What do you think you are doing Manabu!?
Konkichi: What are you gonna do if the connector line gets damaged!?
Manabu: Ah! Is it so? Sorry.
Konkichi: Don't do that! You can't touch it with you finger!
Manabu: Why is that? It won't get damaged if I just used my finger right?
Konkichi: You don't get it Manabu.
Konkichi: Humans have static electricity right!?
Kyouko: I know! When I snap with my skirt my legs stick together!
SFX: Pachi pachi (the snapping sound or whatever it is called)
Konkichi: mmh!
Manabu: What are you thinking about!?
SFX: poka
Konkichi: You see in the computer the changing electricity parts are very small (TN: Not 100% sure about that last line). Even so if a human touch the terminals (TN: AKA "poles"), a large amount of static electricity flows into the computer. If that happens the terminals might burn off!
Kyouko: I see! It's kind of the same as when a hose is connected to a water supply tap and the water is flowing and suddenly the hose is twisted. If a lot of water are flowing then the hose will swell up and become disconnected from the tap.
Konkichi: As expected by Kyouko chan!

That's about half the story! And there're not an awful lot of text heavy pages left now.


Quote from: xan_racketboy_fan on September 16, 2011, 03:27:35 pm
Was this originally bundled with the console at release?

No, the original console was the squarebutton Famicom and it did not include the manga. I believe they started issuing this manga with the new roundbutton Famicom in early 1985. There's a new-style label Mario Bros. cartridge in the Famicom's slot on the cover, they use roundbutton controllers and it says 1985 on the back as well.


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Yeah that sounds plausible.

OK I figured it was time for another update or it will be too much at once.

One thing about Konkichi. We should consider to spell his name "Conkichi" (like in that other translation) because Con is written in katakana and kichi in kanji and Con is probably the con in famicom (famicon). Also it says con on his cap. Kichi means good fortune BTW. No need to go back and change his name just yet though as there might be more things to change as a final polish. I will however spell his name "Conkichi" from now on.

Here you go! Ten more pages:

Manabu: So we can't touch it at all huh?. (TN: I'm not sure about this line at all)
<---------- Unplugging plug
Manabu: But when it's not in use it should be ok right?
Conkichi: No you can't! Even if the plug is out the static electricity in a human is still passed over to it don't you see?
Manabu: Then what do you do when there are trash inside it?
Conkichi: When this happens you can turn it upsidedown or scrape the scrap out with a cotton swab.
Conkichi: Be careful about this as well.
Don't touch the AC-adapter's terminal-------->
Do absolutely not touch the expand connector-------->
Mother: Manabu! Takashi kun is here!
Manabu: Oh no! I going to play soccer today!
SFX: sotto (gently putting the famicom in place)
Conkichi: That Manabu. What is he doing?
Kyouko: It's soccer! Don't you know?
SFX: Waa waa (noise from the kids playing)
Conkichi: Well on my planet we are doing something like this in the sky but...
SFX: Dote! (falling slapstick style. "Thud" probably fits here)
Kyouko: Conkichi kun, are you really an alien?
Conkichi: What's an alien?
Conkichi: I would like to always be with you Kyouko chan but I have to go home now or mama will scold me.
Kyouko: Go home you say? Where is that?
Conkichi: Over there.
SFX: puruun puruun
Conkichi: I like you Kyouko! I will come back!
SFX: Waa waa
SFX: Piko piko
SFX: Piko piko
SFX: Kon kon (knock knock)
Manabu: What if it isn't Conkichi! Where have you been!?
Conkichi: I had the graduation exam and was studying for it.
Conkichi: Kyouko chan isn't here?
Manabu: We kind of had a little fight...
Conkichi: A fight? All right!
Mother: Manabuuu!
Manabu: What is iiit!?
Mother: Oh my! A friend?
Conkichi: Sorry to intrude!
Mother: When did he come here?
Manabu: What are you getting so worked up about?
Conkichi: You as the same as always Manabu.
Conkichi: The Famicom is weak against heat you know.
Manabu: Why?
Conkichi: If the main unit's heat goes up, the electric current on the inside will become really fast. When that happens the main unit's heat will go up even more and because of the heat it soon won't be able to control the current and it will become a big mess.
Manabu: So when the heat goes up, the balance will start to break down? It's the same as marathon!
Conkichi: What's that?
Manabu: You don't know about marathon?
Manabu: During a marathon heat will have great effects on you.
Manabu: If it's hot the marathon runner's temperature will also go up, he will sweat, get thirsty and get exhausted.
For that reason marathon races will be usually be held when the temperature is lower like during the afternoon or evening.
Conkichi: Amazing Manabu! That's correct! You have studied well!
Conkichi: Ah it's Kyouko chan!
Kyouko: Waa! Conkichi kun good to see you again!
Kyouko: We are having a snowball fight at school now.
Kyouko: Conkichi why don't you come and join our team.
Conkichi: What's that?
SFX: kyu (squeeze)
SFX: pecha!
Conkichi: Uheeh!
Boy: Ah this is cold! We should be quitting now.
Boy: Haa haa
Kyouko: Let's go to my place!

At this rate we should be done pretty soon!

2012-08-28 Edit: The last pages finally translated!!
I was a bit busy so it took a bit longer but here it is:


Manabu: Hey everyone, Conkichi here is amazing!
Manabu: He knows loads of things about Famicom.
Conkichi: When you say Famicom you might think that there's only games to know about. (TN: OK I got real problems with this sentence)
SFX mukka mukka
Boy: Is there other things but games?
Conkichi: Yes from now on there are allot of other things you can do.
Kyouko: What kind of things?
Conkichi: For example Magnetical disks! If you have that you can store memory and it will become possible to rewrite a game.
Conkichi: Another thing, you'll be able to study using the Famicom.
Kids: Heeeh amazing!
Conkichi: The Famicom is needed for that.
Conkichi: So use it with care!
Kid: Yes, got it!
Conkichi: Ah! I must go home!
SFX: Suuu! (a smooth movement)
Conkichi: I'll be back another time!
SFX: Bah! (taking off)
Manabu: Be sure to come back!
Kyouko: Teach us lots of different things!
Conkichi: Well then, let's review this again.

① Don't let it get wet.

Expand connector
AC-adapter's terminal

② Don't touch the 60 pin connector, expand connector or the AC adapter's terminal with a screwdriver or finger.
③ Don't play it at a place with high heat.

If the Family Computer malfunctions......
In the case of malfunction by normal use, please contact the store that the Family Computer was purchased in or any nearby Nintendo branch business office listed in the handling manual and the pamphlet. Products are repaired and returned as soon as possible, so if a repair request is desired please state the products damage and condition through and through. Since repairs are done free of charge within 6 months from purchase, make sure to include the guarantee certificate with the product that is to be repaired. Furthermore, please note that if the name of the store were it was purchased at, date of purchase or other such necessary information are not filled in on the guarantee certificate it turns into a non-free repair.
---------Back cover----------
Conkichi: Next time "Magnetic Disk System" will be explained so stay tuned.

Publishing: Nintendo Corporation
Comic: 野崎 泰 (TN: I don't know how the author's name is pronounced, could be almost anything!)
Editing: Corporation 漫 画 社 (TN: Maybe "Mangasha" which means "Comic Company")

Reproduction without permission prohibited  not for sale 851021
---------Back cover----------

If anyone knows how the author's name is pronounced don't hesitate to tell me.


BUMP!  :pow:

The first draft is finally complete! :D Later I'm gonna go through it all again and see if there's anything that needs to be changed and make a list with all sentences that I'm not 100% sure that they are correct (I have put a note on all of them).

Anyone are welcome to help with anything including suggestions, translation help or helping with inserting the final text into the speech bubbles. :bub:


Thanks for the hard work! I'm looking forward to the complete English one, as I just bought the Famicom in box and it comes with the comic. I'd like to able to read the damn thing. BTW, does anyone have the comic for the Blue Disks that were packed with later models of the disk system?
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 :o :o :o


Ahhh! This is so cool! Thank you for all your handwork punkpolitical, I can't wait to keep reading more.
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Great! punkpolitical is back again! Ooh this is the most text heavy part, took a while to translate.

Looking at the translation inserted is always kind of embarrassing when I see how much better English I could have used and such. I initially purposely made a very literal translation but I later realized that it's hard for anyone else to know what can be changed so it's up to the translator to use decent English. Thus I took some small liberations in translating the later pages so the English hopefully looks a bit better there.

When it's released it's not perfect but it's better than nothing, people can at least read it and understand everything (assuming everything is correctly translated).

When the first release is ready you can upload it to the Famicom World site as part of the articles or such if you want. LKermel said he could host it too. He added the untranslated version of the Disk comic on his site and is gonna add a PDF version of the translated one. http://www.videogameden.com/article.htm?fdsw

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Quote from: JohnnyBlaze on August 28, 2012, 04:49:26 pm
does anyone have the comic for the Blue Disks that were packed with later models of the disk system?

What comic are you talking about? Is it different from the Disk System comic? There's also a very short instructional comic for the blue fax disks on the Famicom World site that Manuel translated. But it's not that one?


I have no clue. I just remember seeing a comic with certain disk systems in box that had the blue disk on it. I'm not sure if that's the comic or not.
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Really nice work, guys!

I read over the scanlation and have the following suggestions for corrections:

  • define LSI somewhere (big panel, page 12) (note: "Large-Scale Integration circuit", or similar)
  • "and from these goes many" => "and from these go many" (page 12, big panel)
  • "The pictures of the PPU changes..." => "The pictures of the PPU change into radio waves with the help of the RF-Modulator, pass through the RF switch and are projected onto the TV" (page 17, main panel)
  • "wether" => "whether" (page 17, bottom-right panel)
  • "manus" => "script" (page 18, upper-left text)
  • "alot" => "a lot" (page 18, bottom-right panel)
  • "for such a small thing..." => "The Famicom is small but it contains a suprising number of things, doesn't it!" (page 18, bottom-left) (note: "thing" containing "things" sounds vague, so I embellished here)
  • "Ah! Is it so? Sorry." => "Ah! Will that happen? Sorry." (page 19, panel 5) (note: embelleshing again, since "is it so" is kind of literal in a bad way)
  • "When I snap with my skirt" => "When my skirt snaps" (page 20, upper-right panel)
  • "You see in the computer the changing electricity parts are very small" (page 20, main panel) (note: I'm not sure what this sentence is trying to say...)
  • "if a human touch the terminals" => "if a human touches the terminals" (page 20, main panel)
  • "if a lot of water are flowing" => "if a lot of water is flowing" (page 20, main panel)
  • "when there are trash" => "when there is trash" (page 21, upper-left)
  • "scrape the scrap out" => "scrape the trash out" (page 21, main panel) (note: keep consistent with the word used by Manabu in the prior frame)
  • "do absolutely not touch" => "do not ever touch" (page 21, main panel)
  • "we are doing something like this" => "we do something like this" (page 23, upper-left panel)
  • "Conkichi" => "Konkichi" (page 23, panel 3)


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This is gold! Thank you UglyJoe!

Quote from: UglyJoe on September 29, 2012, 09:32:58 am
  • define LSI somewhere (big panel, page 12) (note: "Large-Scale Integration circuit", or similar)

You mean like to keep a small note under the panel? On page 12 LSI is yet to be explained and later it's just said that it's like a brain.

Quote from: UglyJoe on September 29, 2012, 09:32:58 am
  • "You see in the computer the changing electricity parts are very small" (page 20, main panel) (note: I'm not sure what this sentence is trying to say...)

Oh I messed up bad here lol. It should probably be "the electricity that is used" not "electric parts that are changing" so it's saying something like: "the electricity used in the computer is on a very small scale" or less literal: "the computer uses a very small amount of electricity". I translated 電気 (denki) to "electricity parts" instead of "electricity" which was a mistake but I have no idea how I managed to turn "use" into "change".

Quote from: UglyJoe on September 29, 2012, 09:32:58 am
  • "scrape the scrap out" => "scrape the trash out" (page 21, main panel) (note: keep consistent with the word used by Manabu in the prior frame)

I guess I have to explain why it's inconsistent. The word for trash that Manabu use at first is "gomi" but when Conkichi is explaining how to remove it with a cotton swab he uses the word "kizu" which could mean anything from wound or scratch to disgrace according to the dictionary but in this case I think he meant a stain or dirt or something that can be rubbed out with a cotton swap.
So I suggest we keep "trash" as it is and change "scrap" to "stain" and maybe change the sentence slightly: "or scrape stains out with a cotton swab".

Quote from: UglyJoe on September 29, 2012, 09:32:58 am
  • "Conkichi" => "Konkichi" (page 23, panel 3)

Conkichi and Konkichi are both fine by me as long as it's kept consistent on release.

Quote from: JohnnyBlaze on September 28, 2012, 11:30:02 pm
I have no clue. I just remember seeing a comic with certain disk systems in box that had the blue disk on it. I'm not sure if that's the comic or not.

OK but check the FDS comic out on the link I posted and you can maybe see if it's the same that you have seen. The Fax Disk comic I was talking about is here http://famicomworld.com/workshop/articles/the-holy-grails/holy-grails-an-introduction/ but it's a very short strip so I doubt that's the one you mean.
Edit: Nevermind, there is a third part of the Famirii Konpyuuta da!! series where the blue disks are explained.


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got off my lazy arse and finally did some more pages. :o


Awesome, punkpolitical, thank you for keeping 'em coming :pow: