AV modded Famicom, occasionally wavy picture and other glitches

Started by Finfami, June 14, 2017, 08:27:30 am

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I have modified the original Famicom couple years ago, it has been working fine until now.

Modded by using these instructions:


After some time picture will occasionally get wavy and other glitches may appear, like color hue changing etc. Powering the console off and then back on has allowed me to play for some time until the glitches again appear. I have not investigated the issue yet, but what does this sound like? Capacitor, voltage regulator or PPU goind bad?


Wavy picture could be a cap problem, psu or your av mod,as for glitches how bad is it,are your games and the cartridge connector clean?

Take a pic of your mod and post it here so we can see what's going on.


Hi, I investigated it yesterday, all caps look good, it has all original caps except of course those which I added when modding.

However, so far it seems that the problem could have been degraded solder joint from the transistor leg to the PPU leg. I resoldered it and after that it worked fine, I didn't play very long but enough for those issues to appear. When I modded, I didn't connect the transistor to PPU via wire but instead left the leg long enough to reach. I don't have my consoles setup all the time but instead when I store them in closet so every time I move the console it might get bumped couple times, could that stress the solder connect over time?

EDIT: I have now played through Mega Man 4 without a single issue, so it seems like problem was identified and solved. Because this console has worked for so long without any issues I was quite sure that the problem would have been something related to individual components, but apparently not, everything works fine now.