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Started by Kiddo, November 16, 2011, 12:00:53 pm

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I follow a lot of blogs, youtube accounts and similar stuff made by some of the members here, like satoshi matrix's blog and youtube channel, Senseiman's FamicomBlog, Jedi's channel and much much more. Some times these members make posts announcing/advertising new stuff they've written/made in order to increase their work's exposure, which is understandable. If you write a blog or make a video, it is of course made for other people to view, and the more views and feedback it gets, the more fun for it's creator. But not everyone advertises their work, maybe because they don't want to look like attention whores or maybe because plugging your own website is often frowned upon by other members (especially when its done by newer members).

So, my suggestion is to make a sticky thread in one of the forums, or a subforum with individual threads (like the feedback subforum), where members can announce when their site, channel, blog, etc, is updated with new content.

This would both help members get more exposure for their work, and help other members following all of the stuff that is made by said members.

I've often wondered why the bloggers don't make a thread where they can announce new stuff on their site (although some have, while others plug their stuff in much stealthier manner  ;) ). Maybe this feature wouldn't be used at all, maybe it would encourage the more modest members to actually start posting their stuff, or maybe it would just be abused.

And maybe the current arrangement is good as it is  :)

Just some food for thought.  :bub:


I love this idea! Can I shamelessly post updates to my blog, which is not gaming related?  ???


That would be up to the mods I guess. But I was thinking this would be for gaming related blogs/videos etc, but not necessarily exclusive to the Famicom.


I actually like this idea. I don't get many views on my blog, but I'm sure I have some stuff that would interest members here. This way we won't have a whole bunch of MY NEW BLOG OMG LOL threads.


Cool idea!  I put up posts in the `finds` threads with links when I get something new, but it would be cool to start a little famicomblog thread ;D


This would be awesome, but I can't imagine how it should look like to be easy to browse... Maybe somehing like the Feedback forum where every blogger gets his own thread (? and only he/she will be posting there ? - hard to say, bloggers usually have their comments under the blogs, so to allow others to comment also here would be duplicate. But on the other hand, it can't hurt.... aaah!).


I don't think its organization would be as important as the feedback forum.


I agree with UglyJoe.  I like the idea of a blog thread, but we don't need a whole sub-forum.  If someone likes a blog, they can just put it in their bookmarks.
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To be honest, this kind of thing would work best as news items on the front page.  
The front page doesn't get updated often and there's nothing wrong with treating it more like a blog, even if that means outside links.

Don't have a separate thread, it's just duplicating away from the front page.

Update the front page blog style, categorise (tag things as offsite, onsite etc.) and make it paginated with a search option so items can be dug up.
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