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Started by Alex930, July 30, 2006, 12:09:34 am

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Some Famicom games I bought that just arrived today, been a long time since I bought FC carts, glad to be back!  ;D
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Awesome stuff ! I got some new stuff coming , it's been a while
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My plans for Wizardry have been hit with a setback. I bought the Turbo File II with the thought that I could have one save bank dedicated to each of the Wizardry games and even have one extra for Castle Excellent or whatever, but to my disappointment the device does not work the with Analogue NT Mini. I tested it with an AV Famicom and it works fine there, so the Turbo File II itself is not to blame. Not the first time I've happened upon a peripheral that isn't compatible with the Analogue NT Mini, I'm sad to say.

Why this is a setback is that my current gaming setup is so that it's much more convenient for me to play my HDMI systems as opposed to those using my CRTs. It would also have provided me with a spot for a notebook where to draw the games' maps. When using the AV Famicom I don't have that, so I'd have to get a separate small table or one of those lap desks to have a solid surface to get my cartography on.

I may have to ruminate on this a bit.


That's a bummer. I'd prefer to play it on original hardware and a CRT though.

Nice find anyway. I've always wanted a Turbo File II. I only have the TFTwin for SFC but I never got it to work, possibly due to corroded battery contacts from leaking batteries of a previous owner.



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It's been a decade, but I finally found a Front Fareast Magic Card game doctor.

Still looking for the red and white versions if anyone has one to sell.

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