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Started by Alex930, July 29, 2006, 11:41:15 pm

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Just for all of you to know/have noticed, JC is an admin for the forum, simply because he is helping me organize this and make it look spiffy. :D.


As you may or may not have noticed, some of the FW staff and mods have left us. Plus, FamicomJL and I don't have as much time as we used to to help maintain the site and forum. If anyone is interested in maintaining the site, building new pages, modding the forum...please PM me. We really could use the help.


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If I only knew how all that stuff is done, I'd outright apply. But I have no clue about page building and forum coding.  :-[

I'm very busy now, but I hope to have more time from June on. If you still need people to help then, count me in. I'd love to help you out.


Hey, thanks for the offer. I think we'll always need help, even in June. People in the Famicom scene come and go with high frequency. Like I said, most of the original staff and mods are gone. :-\ I can't abandon my baby, but time is scarce, and FamicomJL and I definitely want to keep this forum and site alive.


I would also help if I knew stuff about forums and all. I'm here to stay for a long long time as I have been a famicom fan for a long long time. I will never leave this place ever never ever!!! Hope you guys found some help
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I wish I had my brothers coding skills. He's insane at coding in PHP and HTML and all that jazz.


We found some help...speaking of which, I need to talk to that person to get them started! :-\ Too much going on for me right now...


Well if you ever need help when it comes to moderating, I could lend a hand. I'm online about 20 times a day, and I usually read through all the new posts. :) </wishful_thinking>


We'll see. We're waiting to see if Jedi returns to us...


To all who are curious...

We welcome UglyJoe as an admin. We never really announced when he became a mod. :P He will join me in admining. FamicomJL is still an admin, but he hasn't been around since late March.

And, even though we're a little slow to it, manuel is a relatively new mod. :) Jedi remains a mod.

For all of your complaints, see UglyJoe. ;D

That about does it, for now...


Congratulations to UglyJoe and manuel! ;D


Thanks and congrats to UglyJoe. May you ban lots and lots of spammers. :D