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Started by Jedi Master Baiter, February 08, 2012, 12:08:23 am

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Jedi Master Baiter

I just realized that Rick Zumwalt was in an episode of Full House, playing a father of a kid who's bike was stolen by Jesse:

I remember that episode.

Anyone who's been here long enough knows how much I love Bull Hurley.

Jedi Master Baiter

I just found out that the elusive Warrior Rahzar with Fur


Quote from: Jedi Master Baiter on May 25, 2022, 12:02:37 amAnyone who's been here long enough knows how much I love Bull Hurley.



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I learned Armageddon movie (username checks out lol) is probably the film with the most pro CRT monitors PVM/BVM on screen, and I imagined how many Famicom I could plugged on all those wonderful CRTs... that would be amazing 🥹


I haven't used nor logged in to this community for so long I had forgotten so much of it, but to be fair, it was offline for a while (I think). Plus, to log in it shows the username "famicom_proud_owner" while posting as "FamicomRetroGamer" and I knew that FRG username sounded familiar... It was me.

I didn't remember I posted so much here and what's that Sharp C1 thing about. :-[

Jedi Master Baiter

All this time I didn't know there was a PlayChoice-10 version of Metroid with a map:


A game that really needs one too. Unfortunately I don't think this map updates as you play (to show your position etc). It's probably just a static map as part of the game description that all PlayChoice-10 games has and not much better than the map that comes in the manual for the game.