Started by michaelthegreat, April 11, 2012, 12:09:14 am

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I was looking at some of the sites that have ads on the main page and is one of them. When I tried to go there, Trend Micro told me that it was a bad site--either that it has been passing malicious software or has been involved in scams or fraud. Is safe? I mean I assume it's a false positive (or that it was temporarily hacked or something), but I just wanted to check...


Probably a false positive.
I never visited the site before, but I checked now and it seems fine.
I wouldn't worry too much.

Parodius Duh is Hit-Japan on ebay, hes a great ebay seller but Ive never bought from their site.


I believe that although most of the stock comes from Hit-Japan, the GameofJapan site is actually run by different people.

I've never had a problem with Hit-Japan, they've always been very easy to communicate with and despatch items fast. I have had problems with GameofJapan though, on more than one occasion, where they were either completely non-responsive to communication or if they did respond, rather rude with their response. They've also taken a rather long time to post things out and sell things that they don't have in stock.