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N64: Why such big cartridges?

Started by FamicomRetroGamer, April 19, 2012, 05:09:58 pm

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N64 cartridges' are indeed smaller than NES but why?

I've just downloaded a couple of N64 roms (I plan on buying them later) and their sizes were relatively small, 8 MB's, 10 MB's, 12 MB's, 32 MB's.

Why didn't they just use small cards/cartridges?

Maybe because at that time they didn't have the technology of larger sizes for mini cards/cartridges?


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N64 carts are indeed very sturdy.

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wasn't the whole idea of the NES for it to look more like a VCR because it was released just after a huge video game market crash?  Nintendo was trying to make something that didn't look like the consoles that people had grown to despise.  Larger cartridges probably look more like a vhs tape than teeny famicom sized carts.  That's the whole reason why the nes has the terrible and pointless front loading zif cart system.

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