New Super Mario Bros 2 and the benefits of low-cost, high-profit development

Started by nusilver, April 21, 2012, 10:08:36 pm

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So every year around E3, there's this delicate dance I do to get invitations to Nintendo's pre-E3 press conference. And by every E3, I mean, I did that last year and got invited, and I'm doing it again this year and hoping to make the cut again. Last night, Nintendo announced New Super Mario Bros 2, so I set to work on an opinion piece regarding the future of Nintendo development in the face of the threat of smartphones.

Lo and behold, I woke up this morning with an email from Jeremy Parish (my absolute favorite games writer, I'm sure you guys know him), the E-I-C at, letting me know he was promoting my blog onto 1UP's official "Handheld" blog. If anyone here is interested in Nintendo, the 3DS, Mario, Wii U, or modern game industry happenings in general, please take a look at the blog, and if you have strong opinions about what I've argued, please leave a comment on 1UP! It's greatly appreciated, and it helps me with my quest for pres conference invites.


I usually don't follow blogs.  Even ones filled with juicy information.


What company do you work for? Maybe I'll see you this year? I spent most of my time in Nintendo's booth last year and imagine it'll probably be the same this year.