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Started by b3b0palula, September 10, 2006, 01:08:43 am

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September 10, 2006, 01:08:43 am Last Edit: September 10, 2006, 01:19:20 am by b3b0palula
Hi peeps, I recently aquired an old 1st version Famicom and im having lots of fun with it.
The only problem:
Some idiot had removed the SELECT button on the 1P controller. That means i cant select 2P options on many of the games.
Apparently it seems like no matter how much jabbing underneath with pointed objects wouldnt get the select function to work.
We all know that the controllers are handwired, so does anyone knows if the 1P controller can be replaced easily? Anywhere that sells replacement famicom controllers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I've seen a LOT of replacement controllers on eBay lately. Also, if you get a remote that can be plugged in, you can use THAT as the one player remote.


Hello! thanks for the reply...  ;D
Do you mean plugging in a third party remote into the 15pin port (at the front panel)?
Would that solve my problem?


Yes, that is indeed what I'm talking about. :)

I know of some controllers that you can plug in that, and they act as the one player remote. You can press select on that. :) Some remotes look a lot like the Famicom remote. A Hudson Bee turbo remote controller I have looks VERY much like the Famicom's actual controller.


The controllers on the Famicom are real easy to replace. Just unscrew and take off the bottom.  Unplug the old controller, plug in the new one.  Screw it back together and there ya go. 


hi featherpluckin!
thanks for the insight.... i guess that means there wont be a need for soldering right?
Dummy proof plug out and plug in after unscrewing the famicom?
Cos im pretty much hardware-dumb.
But i hope to improve on that though.  ;D


Yup. No soldering. The Famicom controllers' connections aren't much different than the NES  controllers' connections, only for the Famicom the connections are inside and smaller.


I'm an idiot who would somehow screw that up, so I always go the chicken way out and buy controllers that go in the middle slot, lol.


Hows it going everyone.
Im new to the site. Anyways. I just picked up a famicom off ebay:
It was really dirty. so i took it apart and cleaned up the case and  cleaned the board with circuit cleaner. But i suspect it doesn't work.
I pluged it in to my us power plug casue its pretty close in power and just to see if it worked and it doesnt seem to. ??? Also it has an rf and my other famicom (pirate) which is the same thing as a famicom but black has av out puts and ive never had the rf work on it.
So now i dont know what to do. I have a disk system i also just got a disk system (with a broken belt) but it powers on, on my pirate system and not with the famicom, thus i know my famicom isnt working. Does anyone know if its a big deal to have the original famicom av adapter as well as the rf. Ive read places that you don't need ither. Let me know if anyone has some ideas about this.
Thanks!!! ;D


Welcome Nickv,
Your problem may very well arise from the broadcasting signal.  The Famicom broadcasts on channels 96 and 97 on a US TV set. for it's settings of "ch01" and "ch02" respectively.  Try those channels on your TV. 

An NES RF adapter works fine, but an NES AC adapter would fry a Famicom due to the fact that the NES AC adapter outputs AC and not DC, which is what the Famicom requires.  I use the "HVC-002"  official AC adapter on my Famicom, and it still runs a little hot.

This is a pic of my adapter:

It would be best to use this adapter in conjunction with a step down converter such as one of these:
The "VT200J - Japanese Up/Down Transformer" that they sell for $24.99 , should work fine.
I am considering buying one myself.

I hope that this helps you out.
I am currently working on a homepage...  details to follow.


where is the potentiometer (speed ajustor) and where is the head ajustor mechanisms?


January 13, 2007, 06:36:54 pm #11 Last Edit: January 13, 2007, 07:07:47 pm by chimyfolkbutter
The motor adjustment is on the Motor. You will see a hole with a rubber cover and a +/- sign etched into the motor.  The motor is on the left side of the photo below.

As for the head adjustment screw, it is located to the left side of  the head (Photo 2) .  In the photo below, it is the adjustment screw in the middle.

Be careful with the head adjustment screw.  Once it is stripped.  Your drive is done.

What problem are you trying to address?



ah im just working on some read errors. 22 23 and 27's. The hole with the rubber cover, how do I make the drive speed slowest?


Is your belt good?  That's always the first place to start.  If you do start poking around w/the motor speed, make sure to do very small turns and then test after each one.


my belt is fine. but how do
I ajust motor speed