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Started by MasterDisk, July 03, 2012, 10:14:03 pm

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Bought an 8 in 1 cart + Samurai Spirits from him, never lets me down  :)


I have did many deals with him. Thank you so much for every help I got . Biggest A+ ever.


Purchased 3 pirate carts from seller. Amazing communication with very fast shipping and excellent packaging and games worked great! Awesome seller and hope to do business with again!


Thank you for cartridges, and for the gift :)
I recomend, great seller and nice person to deal with.
famiclones collector

Zeloz (akaBill)


Items were packed securely and came in very good condition, and he handled correspondence in a very polite, professional manner. Looking forward to do business with again!  :D


Bought 2 more games from this guy, definitely one to do business with :)


I think that you don't need more recommendations but ...
good packaging, cartridges as described  8)


+1 for a trade which involved complete trust and it all went well!



pleasure doing business with. trade went smoothly.


Returning customer here, as always fcgamer has never let me down :) good guy.


+3 sold him Famiclone keyboard cartridges.


Made a trade with him, he's a really good guy & hasn't done me wrong :)

Everything was also packaged very nicely and arrived safely with the same condition shown in the pictures.


Made a trade with him, the games I got arrived safely of course and as always were packaged with care.

Thanks again!  :)


Made a(nother) trade and we sent the stuff out at similar times. All went great and I recommend fcgamer as a honest guy!


Great seller! Everything arrived in great condition. Went as far as offering refund because my country's postal service is currently awful.