Where2get cheapest - X68k, FM Towns, NEC FX, etc

Started by topshelfgamer, July 15, 2012, 02:29:27 am

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Hello again, one reason I joined famicom world was that others talked that this is apparently THE place to get japanese famicom stuff via personal trades and such.  Ebay normally being too expensive in comparison.  I was wondering if it was true for other consoles, or whether fans of non-famicom consoles could share what boards they normally go to to reliably and safely buy/sell/trade their import gear.  :)

I've been long fascinated by a couple of "heavy hitter" consoles that just plain never made it to the US at all.  The Sharp X68000, the FM Towns Marty, and to a lesser degree the NEC FX.  Though i'm fascinated by all non US computers and consoles.  (PC98 stuff in japan, MSX Palcom PX-7 laserdisc in japan, and other nonUS computers like Acorn Archimedes stuff in the UK.  Also noting Atari ST stuff was way more common in europe and the UK than in the US, making me wonder if buying from overseas might be cheaper than trying to locate US suppliers of it at times.)  But i've really no clue where to even begin shopping for such things, whats considered good prices and similar.

What other forums and communities would people here recommend to join to get into the right trading circles?