Best image to use for rewriting metroid fds

Started by shwink, August 15, 2012, 06:39:08 pm

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New to this forum but was directed here,About a month ago I got a brand new copy of metroid off ebay for the fds. Seemed to work fine at first but then started having issues of saving and some odd glitches.

So I sent it to ericj to be rewritten, decided to use v1.2 of the translated patched image. Get it back seems to work fine but I when I go to the elevator can't move onto the platform unless I jump on top of it or roll onto it.

But even then this results me falling through the platform into one of those other world's glitch. So I have sent it back to him to get rewritten again and I want to know what image is best to use for the rewrite so I don't have to send it back or get a new one as well as what programs I can use with win7 that can verify if it's a clean dump or not?