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Started by davetillson, August 27, 2012, 02:44:27 pm

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Hi I am a newbie here not only to this forum but to the world of famicom....i currently collect regular nes games but I have never owed any famicom stuff does anyone on here have a cheap famicom system laying around they would sell me so I can start my collection?


Sensaiman has cheap unmodified famicom and 80sfreak has cheap avmodded ones.


Have you checked out this thread?

I just bought a couple of systems and games from him on Saturday and today they were shipped. So, it's a quick turnaround.

A word of advice in advance: if you live in the US, you must use an RF Switch for the NES and tune your TV to channel 95 to use it. Also, while the systems are cheap, the shipping can be a little bit of a pain if you want EMS.  So, be prepared to pay about $30 for a system but the same or a little more for EMS shipping. It's well worth it though, believe me.
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I have some extra Famicom clones.  If you are interested, I will test the ones I have, see which work, and take some pics that you could choose one.  These work quite well, and I could put a nice package together for you, with a few multicarts or something to go with.

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I don't really want a clone I want a original famicom system sorry

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well what kinda deal can we work out....and what do they look like?