WTB: Hacker International Games

Started by fcgamer, December 21, 2013, 09:53:28 am

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Looking to buy the following (prefer CIB or boxed, but will consider loose carts as well):

-Miss Peach World 1: Super L.A. Cop
-Metal Fighter
-Hanafuda Yuukyou Den: Nagarebana Oryuu 
-AV Strip Mahjong
-AV Soccer
-AV Pachinko

I am also looking for a box and instructions for Idol Shinsen Mahjong (I have a loose cart).  I may just go the route of buying a CIB copy, if I can't just find a box and manual for sale.

I also would like to purchase some FDS disks from Super Pig, Mimi, Hacker, etc.  I have a lot of these, but am missing about half I guess.  Sorry I don't have an updated list of what I need for these at the moment.

Please respond or PM me if you have something that might interest me. 

Thanks :)
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