[SOLD] 150in1 + 245in1 Awesome Unique Multicarts !!!

Started by MWK, November 21, 2012, 02:46:26 pm

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Once again I've got some copies of two outstanding multicart sets for sell. With literally just a few repeats or hacks (even if so, there are pretty damn funny ones, like "The Hulk" lol), but what's most important is that I was completely shocked seeing such wonderful games as "Power Blade 2", "Snow Bros", "Galaxy 5000", "Bubble Bobble 2", "RAF World", "Probotector 2", "Bucky o'Hare", "Kage", Contras set, Marios set and many many other in just one single cartridge, hell, even a "FIRE 'n ICE" is there :o yeah, Solomon no Kagi 2 USA ver. among other amazing games! It's like you put all of your favorite multicarts into a pot, throw in a pack of kick ass classic games, add a few sachen ones and some hacks (or remakes like "Super Mario Hanshin Tigers Giabbit Hunting") on the top, mix them all together and there you go, a perfect example of how it should be done :crazy:

Yeah, almost... only ONE thing is that sux. As we all probably know by now, these Chinese carts have some obvious issues with the original Famicom/NES hardware, so you have to keep in mind that you'll need a FAMICLONE console to make those games to work. I've already tested all of them on my Twin "The Beast" Famicom (unfortunately don't have a AV Famicom, so dunno how they'd interact) and they all worked fine but all graphics were messed up (typical pirate ailment), so I plugged them in into my Famiclone and voilà (all my pics and screenshots are authentically mine), also I managed to run it on my NOAC clone "First Austria" through a cartridge converter, so I guess that could be the case. Anyway, please be aware about all of that. All games are in very good condition, boxed, playtested, but should be considered as is.

Here's some good news - all carts have been pre-modded by me and now THEY ARE WORKING EXCELLENT ON ANY KIND OF HARDWARE :star:
I've already tested them widely on everything I have, so you don't need to do anything - simply just buy and enjoy these kickass multicarts :pow:

150 in 1 SOLD OUT


Here is a complete list (made and checked by me) along with some title screenshots (LIST / SCREENS) :

1. Contra 1
2. Contra 2
3. Contra 3
4. Contra 7
5. Raf World
6. Final Mission
7. Kage
8. Probotector 2
9. F-1 Hero
10. Defenders City
11. Werewolf
12. Double Dragon 3
13. Spider Man
14. PaoPao 2 (Bubble Bobble 2)
15. Fighting Road
16. Rocky & Bullwinkle
17. Fire & Ice
18. Bad Dudes
19. Mission Impossible
20. Blue Cat (Wacky Races hack)
21. Cuba Revolution (Guevara)
22. Donald Land
23. Super Mario Bros
24. Fighting Road (same as 15)
25. Mario 6 (Tiny Toon hack)
26. Mario 9 (Adv.Isl.2 hack)
27. Mario 10 (Jackie Chan hack)
28. Mario 14 (Yachamaru3 hack)
29. Mario 16 (Joe & Mac hack)
30. Dr Mario
31. Mario Bros
32. Adventure Mario (Adv.Isl.1)
33. Mario is Missing
34. Home Alone 2
35. Super Popo (?)
36. The Hulk (Jackie Chan weird hack)
37. Silver (Little Nemo hack)
38. Juuouki (Altered Beast)
39. Galaxy 5000
40. Golgo 13
41. Snow Bros
42. Return Evil Forces (same as 8 )
43. Harry Potter (Panic Restaurant hack)
44. Simpson
45. Golden Axe (Astyanax hack)
46. Heavy Barrel
47. Bucky o Hare
48. Ninja Crusaders
49. Double Dribble
50. Rolling Thunder
51. Lifeforce
52. Little Mermaid
53. Rainbow Islands
54. Rygar
55. School (Nekketsu Kouha)
56. Side Pocket
57. Friday the 13
58. Zanac
59. 634 Ken (Musashi)
60. Bandai Golf
61. Castle Excellent
62. Tiger Heli
63. Drop Zone
64. Dash Galaxy
65. Egypt
66. Alpha Mission
67. Milon's Secret Castle
68. Monster Truck Rally
69. Hyper Olympic (Track & Field)
70. Desert Tank (Battle Tank)
71. Aladdin 3
72. Tecmo Bowl
73. Battleship
74. Mickey Mouse
75. Quarth
76. Quarterback
77. Karate Champ
78. King Knight
79. Minna no Taabou no Nakayoshi Daisakusen
80. Nagagutsu o Haita Neko
81. Baltron
82. Mach Rider
83. Onyanko Town
84. Gyromite
85. Geimos
86. Hydlide Special
87. Star Luster
88. Exed Exes
89. Pac Land
90. Thexder
91. Tower of Druaga
92. Ninja 3
93. Twin Bee
94. Front Line
95. Elevator
96. Sqoon
97. Snow Slacom
98. Dragon Fire
99. Tetris 2
100. 1942
101. Lot Lot
102. Fish War (smells like Balloon Fight hack)
103. Bomb Jack
104. Spelunker
105. Gyrodine
106. Mag Max
107. B Wings (!)
108. Pro Wrestling
109. Wrecking Crew
110. Spartan X
111. Arkanoid
112. Dig Dug 2
113. Astro Robo Sasa
114. SonSon
115. Pony Cat (same as 83)
116. Xevious
117. Soccer
118. Cheallenger
119. Blob Buster (Dig Dug 2 hack)
120. Little Red Hood
121. Cardcaptor (Tower of Druaga Hack)
122. Pac Man
123. Donkey Kong 1
124. Dig Dug 1
125. Bomber Man
126. Star Gate
127. Magic Jewel
128. Star Force
129. Galaga
130. Space Invaders
131. Exerion
132. Binary
133. Lode Runner
134. Ninja
135. Antarctic Adventure
136. Sky Destroyer
137. Excite Bike
138. Brushroller
139. Ice Climber
140. Maccoss
141. Donkey Kong Jr
142. Balloon Fighter
143. Arabian
144. Millipede
145. Five Chess (Go)
146. Field Combat
147. Donkey Kong 3
148. Mappy
149. Popeye
150. Orchard Kavass

ALL ABOVE PICS ARE AVAIL FOR DL IN THIS PACK RIGHT HERE >> http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/93928389/file.html

245 in 1 SOLD OUT


Here is a full list from in-game menu and corresponding title screens pic composed by me (i.e. game number 67.Quarth from the list is a screenshot from row 60 and column 7) >> LIST / SCREENSHOTS << POZOR! This picture is very large and heavy, please report any bugs in accessing.

ALL ABOVE PICS ARE AVAIL FOR DL IN THIS PACK RIGHT HERE >> http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/69151972/file.html

Orders on PM, questions or requests about more details here in topic.
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Thanks ;D


I'm interested! But since money is tight I better think it over for a day or two before I jump onto these awesome pirate carts  :-[


Just want to say that MWK is a great guy to deal with, and those carts look amazing!  If I didn't have most of those games on Famicom multis / NES carts myself, I would jump on those deals without hesitation.  The prices are fair, especially for boxed multis, and the game selection is excellent. 

Good luck with your sale MWK, and for those who never delt with him before, do so with confidence!!!
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Am interested in the 245 in1 multi cart, delivery to france, contact me through my email: dhaare@hotmail.com. Thanks.


All PM's and emails answered.
Qty updated, price lowered.
Free shipping injected.

edit:: with a priceless help from dic-sc7 we've been able not only to verify that those multicarts can be run only on NOAC's (glob-topped famiclones as well), but also, what is most important, that they can be easily modified to be perfectly working on real (FC/NES and other good, IC-based famiclones, extensive tests have been made in this field, even my Twin "The Beast" Famicom ate it) hardware :pow:

All you need to do is simply desolder OE pin from CHR-RAM and solder it to unused CHR/RD pin 17.

>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maI2WnX-yMY

MOREOVER, on top of that, such fixed multicarts are still fully functional on those shitty clones and NOACs - that's freaking epic! :crazy:


:o Now if I had a soldering iron I could play the 150 in 1 I have on my Famicom. :P
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It's possible a fix for those cheap cartridges with only the black drop? For example those cheap xxx-in-i carts sold in volumerates? Thanks


AFAIK there has to be a separate CHR RAM/ROM chip (or at least a "black drop") on the PCB board to do that.


Just tried this on my 245 in 1. No success. Even tried tap testing it like in the video. Still have garbage graphics :-(


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Does this mettod works on the 245 in 1 ?

It does not work.
I am back everyone :)


I dunno whatcha doing guys, but I have absolutely no problem fixing either 245in1 and/or 150in1 ???

REMEMBER >> Before connecting OE to cart pin 17 MAKE SURE you've desolder OE pin from the PCB board !


Confirmed, this did work on my 245 in 1. It now runs perfectly on my AV Famicom.
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Hello! do you still have this item? I would like some of them. Thank you!!


How do I open the cartridge without destroying it in the process? I want to lift the leg to make it work with my normal Famicom.


The most popular way to open a screwless Famicom cartridge is using a "quick grip" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgCiAOmgeFc.

It takes some tries to get it right though so you have to be persistent but careful so you don't snap the tabs. I'm using a cheap quick grip with plastic pads and it works.