Can I Use A Game Gear Plug For The Nomad?

Started by okame, January 19, 2013, 04:56:10 pm

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I've got a Retron 3 for my TV Sega Genesis gaming, and a Game Gear for portable gaming. I used to be able to switch my Game Gear for my cousin's Genesis, but keep the same Sega AC adapter. If I got a Sega Nomad online and bought JUST the console, would that same adapter that I have in my room for the Game Gear (that I was playing last summer, so I know it works) still work for the Nomad, or would it be better to get a Nomad with the adapter included? I'm on a budget for my retro gaming, and if I already have the AC adapter with my Game Gear, it would be a LOT cheaper to find a listing of a working Nomad with no Ac adapter, but a lower price! That, plus I keep reading that the portables of the retro era are battery leeches. I have a Game Boy Light that eventually runs out of juice in a few days or so of light playing, so I'll look for a Nintendo Game Boy Pocket adapter to buy one of these days.


In your country yes.

EU and JP models of Game Gear use opposite polarity from ours!