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Started by JC, August 26, 2006, 12:11:58 pm

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Quote from: L___E___T on August 03, 2016, 11:06:08 am
I would say it is :) please get it RGB modded!

- NuSilver - super happy for you, an incredible find in that condition!!

Thanks! My friend RGB modded it for me. Looks stunning on my projector now! Very pleased with it!


Picked up a 20" PVM today, looks great and was 100% worth the price for me. A far cry from the 13" Commodore 1084s I was using! Lucky I nabbed it for the price I did, apparently 3 people messaged the bloke after the auction ended and offered $100AU+ over the sale price. Decent sized PVM's rarely pop up here in Australia



Yes!  Love playing RGB Famicom on PVM now.  I still like composite Famicom on a small CRT but playing in RGB really brings the scanlines on a PVM to their best.
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I got a new in box (box is a bit rough) game genie for sega game gear.


Quote from: MaxXimus on October 25, 2016, 07:54:07 am
I got a new in box (box is a bit rough) game genie for sega game gear.

Nice!  Can't beat new stuff, even if it is roughed up a bit :)
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I tested it out the other day and noticed it even has the mini cheat book. :D it really was new haha. I also ended up with an original gameboy game genie and while playing around with it noticed it came with the small cheat book as well :D

Shumi Nagaremono

Came across this in a second hand store outside of Tokyo (along with some fun, fairly uncommon PS1 games). 

It's an (early?) 70's era Nintendo mahjongg yakuman set. 



That looks awesome!  I really want to get into Mahjong but not really sure where to start :)
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Awesome indeed! Great find, I'm jealous! :)

Quote from: L___E___T on March 14, 2017, 09:07:22 amI really want to get into Mahjong but not really sure where to start :)

I'd start by learning the basic rules and then try to memorize all of the easiest yaku (kind of like hands in poker).
Then you can play a Famicom or arcade (via Mame) mahjong game. Arcade mahjong are often 2 player so their rules are a bit simplified from the standard 4 player game.

Recommended links:
Learn mahjong by the use of Mame. Here you can learn the basic rules and all the yaku. It also recommends what arcade mahjong games are good for learning.
Great source of information for about anything mahjong. Tom Sloper covers things like what differs all the kinds of mahjong rules all over the world, what parts your set may or may not be missing and where to buy mahjong stuff. He also has a homepage for hanafuda.

Edit: Oh yes you also need to learn to recognize the following kanji:
Numbers 1 to 9 (一~九)
Tenthousand (万 and the traditional Chinese 萬)
The four cardinal directions (東南西北)
Middle (中)
send out, emit (発 and the traditional Chinese 發)

Especially the numbers and cardinal directions needs to be memorized or you won't be able to play. The others are pretty obvious once you see them (for example 中 is usually red so you know it's the "red dragon" as it's called in English).


Well I beg to differ, let's refer to them as Chinese characters, 漢字, not kanji...kanji was borrowed from Chinese characters, lol. 
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Well you are not wrong. Talking about Japanese rules (AKA riichi mahjong) I think it's OK to use Japanese terms though. And if you are going to play video game mahjong, the majority will be riichi mahjong and use Japanese terms.

漢字 is written as "kanji" in Japanese Hepburn romanization and "hàn​zì" in Chinese pinyin romanization (and of course pronounced differently due to the differences in the two languages and the passage of time since the Japanese borrowed the characters during the Heian period).

An interesting thing is that I've seen Chinese mahjong sets use the Japanese variant of the character for emit for the "green dragon".
Emit characters:
Chinese Traditional: 發
Chinese Simplification: 发
Japanese Simplification: 発
So you'd expect only Japanese sets to use 発 for the green dragon, but I often see Chinese sets use it as well.


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My video art hobby has unintentionally coaxed me back into retro gaming. As I searched for a great CRT to use as my canvas, I realized that the reason most anyone is still interested in good CRTs are so they can play old games on them. I picked up this Sony PVM-20M2U last week and it is a welcomed size increase from my 1354Q. For those that don't know, PVM stands for Professional Video Monitor, and was used in places like video/news production studios and hospitals. Now I use them to glitch old VHS tapes and play SNES via S-video. ;D

Going to get a SNES Jr. and perform an RGB output mod soon to really get the most bang for my buck outta this thing.

(I also picked up a nice-looking Kenwood LaserDisc player recently, which now sits on top of this monitor. Might post a pic of that when I actually get a LaserDisc to use with it)

EDIT: I see someone already beat me to the 20" PVM punch. Good people here.
I like to glitch old VHS tapes and turn them into visuals for live music events. Check out what I'm working on -



Nice get!  Incidentally, I have the exact same PVM set, and I'm very happy with it indeed - get that RGB SNES set up! :P
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The Kindle / eBook edition of The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Volume 2 is free for the next 24 hours or so.  Some really interesting interviews in here:


I didn't take a pic cause it's HUGE, but  couple days ago I got the collector's edition of Persona 5. I preordered it a year ago! Persona 4 was my favorite game ever, and so far this one migggggght be better. A little early to say, but just wow.

In fact persona, and the other SMT games are part of the reasons I bought a Famicom. Since two of my earliest games for it were Megami Tensei 1 & 2.