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Started by JC, August 26, 2006, 12:11:58 pm

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Picked up: GBA games, 32X, Analogue DAC, Sharp Famicom TV, X68000 floppies, PC98 floppies! :)


That Famicom TV!  Hope you can boot it up and show us some games in action - very keen to see how 'sharp' it looks!  :crazy:
My for Sale / Trade thread


Me too! :) I also hope you can figure out how to connect NES or maybe Famicom controllers to it.
Just be careful when repairing it, as you might know, TVs has high voltage and can be dangerous if not handled correctly.


Did you know there are such wonderfull Commodore 64 games PCB ? I'll leave it here for inspiration :)


I never had a C64 but those are very cool!


Quote from: P on December 05, 2020, 02:42:46 pmI never had a C64 but those are very cool!

I had one, but I destroyed it.
Could someone tell me where I can buy a CM64 to collect?


Picked up Fester's Quest on NES and hey, I actually kind of like it. I like how the game takes place on this large map, and under it with the sewers, even if the route through is quite linear. This is the US version which I understand is inferior to the PAL one, but all my other NES games are US ones and I didn't want to have a single PAL game in there. The PAL version is also considerably more expensive than the US one.

But more interestingly, Brook recently released Wingman SNES, the accessory I've been wanting for ~15 years in my quest to find the ultimate controller to playing NES/Famicom games. It always struck me as strange that there was never a PS2-to-NES -controller adapter, when there was an adapter for PS2-to-pretty much everything else ever. But finally, here's a "Pretty much everything-to-NES" -adapter, and it can map buttons as rapid fire and even more importantly, it allows remapping buttons. Oh, how I've wished for that. I can finally create the a very comfortable button configuration where I have normal B and normal A next to each other, and then I have turbo B and normal A as well, for when you need to switch between the two choices quickly by just moving your thumb over the other set of buttons. Or I could just have turbo B on a shoulder button. No more fiddling with the rapid fire setting mid-game when you need to occasionally charge a shot or something.

And I can fix the few games that for some unfathomable reason flipped B and A around, just remap the buttons on the controller the proper way. It's a dream come true.

Well, almost. You can only remap the A and B buttons, but not Start and Select. Why's that of concern? Because in some games, like Recca, Batman, and Gun-Dec, those buttons are used to switching speed or weapons, and letting go of either the d-pad or the face buttons mid-game is annoying. This would allow for much smoother gameplay. I'm hopeful they'll add it in, since the device originally didn't work on the Analogue NT Mini (it worked fine on my AV Famicom), but less than two weeks after I had sent them a mail asking if it would be possible to add support to it, they released a firmware update that fixed it. So hopefully they'll accommodate this wish as well.

It supports both wired and wireless controllers and since it accepts USB controllers, I imagine it's fairly future-proof. Though it doesn't automatically work with everything USB, I first tried with the Switch Horipad, and it actually lacked the A button completely. I'm using it now with the Xbox 360 Horipad EX Turbo, for the even more added convenience of having turbo capabilities built into the controller as well. Works great, and it's not even officially listed in the website as a supported controller.

The adapter also works as a "Pretty much everything-to-SNES" -adapter but not having one of those, this will be exclusive to NES/Famicom use for me. I'm sure some here might find it of interest, though.