Clearer name for "Lists..." sticky

Started by nerdynebraskan, May 09, 2013, 07:40:35 pm

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So, I really love the Famicom/NES differences thread. I asked to have it stickied, and I was pointed to the "Lists" sticky (which contains it among other things):

There's a lot of cool stuff in here, but I've not really thought to look at this post. Maybe the name could be clearer? I mean, I've glazed past it dozens of times. "Oh, List of Mario pirates. Meh, I don't care about those." Even uglyjoe's description of the thread, "List of Lists" sounds a bit better than what's there now. Maybe someone else could do better than that.

I'm afraid I'm not very clever with names, so I don't know that I can offer much of an alternative. But I wanted to bring this up, to see if anyone else thought the same.
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