Unlicensed Games

Started by Jabra, April 21, 2007, 05:51:15 am

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I wish that you make a list that contains only the unlisenced famicom games (the ones that are available only on pirated carts).


My only suggestion for now is to search the game lists (use your browsers "Find On This Page" feature) for "pirated" and "hacks". It's got many on there. A page would be great, and soon enough we'll either have one or have a list that's easier to search.

BTW: When it comes to game speak, I think "unlicensed" are different from "pirated." Unlicensed refers to an original game made by a known company that was never given a license. While pirated refers to games that are not original (though they may look original [for instance, the Street Fighter series]) and aren't licensed. Pirated also includes stolen legit games with no changes made to the game.