WTS FDS port to cart collection prices dropped & huge discount if bought as set.

Started by Jay-ray, October 03, 2022, 08:03:17 am

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So no cartridge-backup and no passwords? :-[ Looks like you have to beat it in one go! ;D

I would just go to Norfair to check the RNG. Those things jumping up and down in the lava (Squeept) should vary their jumping behaviour if the RNG "dice" keeps rolling correctly like in the original and they should jump at a constant height if the dice are frozen like in the NES version. In the NES version you should be able to reset and get another height since the RNG is rolling the dice only once per reset.

Here is a list of enemies that depends on the RNG if you want to pick another target.

The jumping height of the Squeept is why I think the game isn't really beatable if the RNG value never makes them jump high since you need that height to get up to certain platforms in Norfair by freezing it. I'm not sure if it's actually required to beat the game though, and I suppose if you are a master bomb-jumper you could get up there with just bombs alone but that isn't very easy. While I have mastered the single-wall-jump in Super Metroid (which allows crazy sequence breaking), I think bomb-jumping seems so random and don't really get how to do it every time.


Prices added and PayPal accepted.

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Dose prices! :o Now I see why you wanted to avoid PayPlow. :pacman: :coin: