Sunsoft Famicom and NES

Started by dragon1952, June 11, 2014, 08:50:01 am

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Now I found the real pm button haha ^^
It just seem wierd that people stopped asking questions :) This thread is really good. I hope David gets to releasing that book he talked about.


I guess we ran out of questions to ask, and this is a small forum so not many people were aware of the thread.


Not related to the NES (and long time no speak David since it has been years)

Can you go into more detail about the Punky Doodle arcade game? For posterity's sake and the time period I think is interesting enough for it to be talked about here since it "may" have contributed to Pokemon directly.


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Greetings from Germany.
I know I´m quite late to the party - I just hope I´m not too late so I´d be the one who´s cleaning up the next morning.
I am a NES enthusiast and found my passion in unreleased games (more than 40 in my collection) and homebrew games (about 100).

@Mr. Siller,

I´d also like to thank you for the fun and joy you gave us with your work and your games and for the nice discussion in this thread.
My questions:

1) About that non-disclosure / contractual obligations and about unreleased games
a) I understand that kind of agreement when it´s about projects that might be revived or recycled at some point in time. But we´re talking about games and projects that are about 30 years old now.
Is there a time limit to those non-disclosure agreements?
b) Is there anything about those unreleased NES games that you are free to tell us?
How many were there?
In what stage of planning or even development were they?
Can you tell us if those were games to known licences / franchises, sequels or completely new titles?
c) Do you personally still have ROM´s of these unreleased games or maybe some concept art?
d) Is there any chance we´ll ever see another unreleased Sunsoft game somewhere out there? The ROM´s for "Sunman" and "Pescatore" are already available.

2) About Aero the Acro-Bat
At what stage of development did you switch from NES to Genesis?
How much of an NES game was Aero before he became a 16-bit character?

3) About your book
Any update on that project?
I´d love to read it. I could also be helpful with some promotion since I help some friends with their NES-related Youtube channel and a monthly "Retro News" segment (German language, almost 16,000 followers).

4) About NES homebrews / aftermarket games
a) Are you interested in those? The market for new NES games basically exploded in the last 8 years since this discussion thread started. Any opinion, any favorite homebrew games?
b) Is that something you would be interested in? Making a new NES game with some talented new programmers or with with some friends from the good old days of NES development?

Thank you in advance.


I interviewed David via email back and forth for a couple of years.
I don't think Aero was ever in development for NES. It was just when he first came up with the concept he was thinking of making it for NES. And when it finally was approved it was a 16-bit game.

I have talked to the guy who did graphics for Punky Doodle. I can't really remember what he said without checking the interview.

My research that started with interviewing David ended up in this book. Even if this first (of two) books ends before David's time at Sunsoft.

I can easily be contacted at