Senseiman`s Super Famicom, Game Boy and other Retro (non-fc) Stuff for sale!

Started by senseiman, June 27, 2015, 06:00:54 am

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This is my thread for non-Famicom stuff. For my Famicom (and other) stuff, check here: 

CONTACT:  Just PM me if you see anything you want to buy.  Be sure to include a full list of what you are interested in and which country you live in so I can give you a price quote.

PAYMENT: Paypal only.

IMPORTANT: In the back-and-forth of PMs, it is easy to lose track of who is ordering what.  To make transactions go smoothly and ensure that you get everything you are buying, when paying please include a full list of all the games (etc) you are buying in the paypal comment. If I have to go back through a dozen messages (I get about 100 PMs a month on average here) to try to piece together an order it makes it easy for me to miss something 

SHIPPING: I am based in Japan. For loose Super Famicom carts shipping is $2.00 for the first cart and $1 for each additional cart thereafter to North America, most of Europe and most of Asia.  That is sent SAL small package, which does not have tracking or insurance.  Some countries (Romania for example) do not accept SAL so for those shipping will have to be by other methods at a different price .

Shipping time will vary.  I can say that the average to North America and Western Europe is about 3 weeks these days, but sometimes they get there in 2 and sometimes in 4.

If you want added security or to get it quicker, or live in a country that doesn't accept SAL, I can send stuff EMS, which unfortunately costs a bit more.

I have a full time job and two young kids at home so it is not always possible for me to get stuff in the mail right away, but I generally hit the post office twice a week so it`ll usually be in the mail within 2-3 business days of receiving payment.

GAME CONDITION: I test the games to make sure they load before shipping them .  I don`t include any games with cracked cases or other major damage, BUT please note that these are all used games and some have general wear like scuff marks or kids names written on the backs of them which aren`t visible in the photos.  If condition is important to you just drop me a PM and I can send close up photos of the more expensive carts.  ALSO please note that some of these carts (except for the individually priced ones) I have more than one copy of, so I might send a copy of it that is not the one in the photos.  As a general rule any carts I do sell that way will be in roughly the same condition as the one in the photo.

FEEDBACK: You can check my feedback here:

MISC:  First come first served.  I can hold stuff for a day or two but please only ask me to do so if you are serious about buying.

Consoles and Accessories

Puc Man $50
This is the famous handheld which pre-dated the game's release in North America and still had its original name.  The unit itself is in really nice condition.  the box has a bit of wear and particularly a tear on the left side, visible in the photo.

Nintendo N & B Block set $40
New in box, still sealed. These sets were released by Nintendo between 1968 and 1972, before they got into video games.  You can read more about them here:

SFC Controllers $5 each

SFC Super Joy card $8 (really yellowed as you can see in the photo)

Sharp SFC Controller (this came with the SFC TV) $25


Super Donkey Kong $4
Super Donkey Kong 2 $4
Star Fox $4
Wild Trax $4

Lose SFC games
(Individually priced below)

Super Mario Kart $4
Super Mario World $4
Super Mario RPG $4
Yoshi's Island $4
Puyo Puyo 2 $3
Uchuu no Kishi Tekaman Blade $4
Dynamite Las Vegas $2
Kirby Bowl $4
Super Donkey Kong $3
Super Donkey Kong 2 $3
Super Donkey Kong 3 $3
Super Bomberman 3 $7
Rushing Beat Ran $12
Doraemon 3 $2
Super Mario Collection $7
Dai Kaiyu Monogatari $2
Bomberman B Daman $4
Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe $7
Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon $6
Super Puyo Puyo $2
Star Ocean $10
Super Bomberman $6
Panic Bomber W $4
Rockman X3 $20
Batman Forever $60
Dragon Quest 6 $2
Doraemon 3 $2
Doraemon Nobita to Yousei no Kuni $2
Gun hazard (label is messed up) $3
Estpolis $3
Final Fantasy IV $4
Final Fantasy 6 $4
Final Fight $6
Battle Soccer 2 $2
Yuiba $4
Zelda no Densetsu $8
Pac in Time $4
Suchi Pai $4
Doraki Kusa Yakiu $4
Downtown Nekketsu Baseball Monogatari $5
Looney Tunes Road Runner and Wile Coyote $5
Dragon Slayer Eiyuu Densetsu 2 $3
Guardian $3
Crayon Shin Chan 2 $2
Hokuto no Ken 5 $4
Bombuzzal $3
Slayers $3
Dragon Ball Z $2
Drakkhen $3
Kunio no Oden $5
Chou Godzilla $3
Super Wagyan Land $4
Battle Robot $2
Space Invaders $4
Super Nazo Puyo Tsu $4
Ganbare Goemon $6
Street Fighter II Turbo (name written on front) $3
Super EDF 10$
Tecmo Super Bowl 3 $2

CIB Game Boy Games

Tennis $2
Donkey Kong $5

Lot of 10 Game Boy Advance Games for 12$

Loose Game Boy Games

Dragon Ball Z $1
Trump Collection GB $1
Monster Race $1
Dracula Densetsu $8
Pocket Monster Trainer (Blue, Yellow, Red or Green) 1$ each
Loopz $2
Puyo Puyo $2
Charbo 55 $2
Tetris $2
F1 Spirit $1
Selection II $3
Crayon Shin Chan 3 $1
Dragon Slayer $3
Galaga and Galaxian $5
The Game of Life $1
Nekketsu Koko Soccer $3
Hyper Lode Runner $3
Hitori De Dekiru Mon $2
Ganbare Goemon $4
Namco Gallery 3 $4
Puyo Puyo 2 $2
Doaremon $2
Kirby no Kira Kira Kids $3
Zelda no Densetsu $5
Bojo Monogatari $2
Moguranya $2
Sanrio Carnival $2
Go Go Tank $3
Yuiba $2
SD Sengokuden 2 $2
Winners Horse $1
Qix $2
1/24 Medarot Series $2
Fumi no Shiren $2
Baseball Kids $1
Momotaro Dengeki $1
Spartan X $5
Kingyou Chui Hou 2 $2
Makihao $2
Golf $1
Crayon Shin Chan 2 $2
Bubble Bobble $5
Super Chinese Land $2
Game Boy Gallery 2 $3
Dino Breeder $2
Wario Land $4
Rising O $2
Conan $1
Last Bible $2
Patlabor Mobile Police $2
Doraemon $2
Okozukai Daisakusen $1
Cyber Formula $1
Game Boy Gallery $3
Solomons Club $2
Space Invaders $3
Tokyo Disneyland Fantasy Tour $3
Sailor Moon $4
Sailor Moon R $5
Doraemon Kart $2
Dino Breeder 2 $2
Mini Racer GB $1
Hoshi no Kirby $4
UNO 2 $1
Power Modera $1
Pocket Battle $2
Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella's Castle Mystery Tour $4
Kaeru no Tame $2
Paramedes $2
Lacroan Heroes $2
Kandume Monsters $3
Mini 4 Boy II $1
Charbo 55 $2
Super Mario Land 2 $3
Super Mario Land $3
Rantarou $1
Reiazu $2
Super Donkey Kong $3
Double Dragon $3
Super Robot Taisen $1
Paradise $1



 PM sent, waiting by the front door for the mailman now commencing.   :P


Nice. I'm looking for some more SFC games. I'll give this list a better look over later and send. Message. I def see some things I'm interested In.


Bump.  Ton of SFC carts and stuff added, everything is new.



Ooooh I'm playing lots of SFC games at the moment - PM'd you :)
My for Sale / Trade thread



My for Sale / Trade thread