Scan Requests (label, cover art, manual, box, etc.)

Started by Atariboy, September 13, 2007, 11:46:03 am

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For years I wanted high scan or photos or all front boxs of Famicom and NES box set so far I have some but not all boxs but I did took these old photos cuase my small scanner cant fix all these boxs to be scan also need  the inside of  how these are packed..

BTW on the Famicom boxs are there any other box packin other the the old Famicm and Famicom AV or thats all they just did and was there any Famicom box set that has a packin game? In the US and UK there where MANY PACK-IN games and sets of NES boxs.


I love seeing them all side by side like that.  Is that a square button Famicom box?  Looks like it.  It's pretty amazing how through all the years the only packaging that ever changed with the Famicom was changing the controllers; never any pack in's, special sets and other hoopla that the NES had.  But that's very Japanese to buy everything indivdually and never get any discounts for buying in bulk.

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Quote from: satoshi_matrix on January 07, 2008, 11:46:18 pm
sorry to cut you off, but I see a Famicom Disk System box there as well as the paperwork. Do you have a scanner? I'm looking for high resolution scans of the FDS. If you have the manual scan that would be the best of all.

i will start to scan it all this week. the manual is amazingly cool. i also got all the double sided promo mini posters, too. i'll scan it all.
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sweet! please email me your stuff. (

I'm making custom cases for all my games to protect them from dust, and that includes the Famicom Disk System RAM Adaptor, which is so large I'll have to use two cases. What I need however is artwork and such to put on the cover, because almost everything on the net right now is low res or unuseable.

As for good games, there are countless threads about this already. You'd do well to check the history or search.

That said, Famicom exclusives:

The FDS has superior versions over the NES versions of these:
Metroid, Zelda II, Akumajou Dracula (Castlevania 1)

The Famicom has such a large selection of good games, I'll have to post a list later. For now, why not look at the reviews section of Famicom World? You might get a good feel for some games.


i heart yuna, when you scan the cover for the FDS manuel, please epost it as either a .png or tiff file rahter than .pdf. .pdfs are difficult to work with so bascailly anything beyond a jpeg is fine with me!

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Quote from: satoshi_matrix on January 09, 2008, 05:17:06 pm
i heart yuna, when you scan the cover for the FDS manuel, please epost it as either a .png or tiff file rahter than .pdf. .pdfs are difficult to work with so bascailly anything beyond a jpeg is fine with me!

that's a good idea. i put two more new posters (the legend of zelda and a various games poster) up on my blog and added a TIF download option for all four.
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Thank you. Please scan the poster for the FDS Disk -kun alone with the while background next. I've decided I'll use that for my cover. It'll work beatuifully.

edit: hmm I can't seem to get the links on your blog to work. They are non-clickable. Might want to look into that.


The problem still exists - The Zelda and the Vollyball scans are not selectable. Probably just an html error.


I know that some members of the community such as corisco and a few others collect CIB or at least the boxes of Famicom games. Through the use of my own collection, friends, ebay and othe rcommunity members I've been able to assemble almost all of the artwork I need to complete my Famicom cover project. However, there are some jarring loose ends that need to be tied in order to finish it - I lack the nessesary artwork to sufficently make covers for some games.

Please, if you happen to own any of the following boxes, please consider scanning the front covers for me. Even if the boxes are beat up, it shouldn't be anything photoshop can't fix.

Here's what's left:

Castle Exellent
Dragon Buster II
Fantasy Zone
Family Composer
Fire Emblem 1
Field Combat
Famicom Detective Club Part 1 Disk A (disk system)
Famicom Detective Club Part 2 Disk C (disk system)
Great Battle Cyber
Gegege no Kitarou
Getsufuu Maden
Konami Wai Wai World
Konami Wai Wai World 2
Nazo no Kabe (disk system)
Son son
Super Momotaro Electric Railway
Street Fighter 2010
Takahashi Meijin no Bug Honii
Youkai Douchuuki
Warukyuure no Bouken
Tetsuwan Atomu

If anyone has any of these boxes, please scan them at 300dpi. you can either post them here or email me them directly at

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Title says it all.  Does anyone have this game, box art, or both?  I need a nice Hi Res scan if possible.

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Does anyone know where I can get a high quality scan of SMB 3 for Famicom?  I would like to add a label to my pirate SMB3 cart.  It could be a pirate label as long as it's "high quality" (the scan) not the quality of the label itself). :P

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I'm expecting a legit "loose" SMB 3 due in from Japan Game Stock, I can always scan it for you and send whatever size you want it in.  I usually scan all my Famicom cart labels then resize them for use as a sig pic... of course I use them elsewhere.  I'm hoping that game, [along with Mighty Final Fight, Chase H.Q. Dead Fox, Spartan X2 and Super Mario USA] comes in no later than Wednesday as I ordered it mid last week.  Usually EMS from Japan doesn't take that long.  Just offering.
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Great - I'd be very obliged if you could scan that for me. :)

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Sure thing man, soon as it arrives.  Got an email from JGS that said
it finally "departed" like Tuesday so it shouldn't be too long now.
Gaming peaked in the 8-Bit & 16-Bit eras...
all else is just rehashes and insanity passing
itself off as "gaming."
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