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Started by Retrospectives, October 28, 2018, 06:33:05 am

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It might be just me, but I have as a general rule that I do not comment on other people sell/buy/trade thread. This only me? Reason I ask is because many time I see "Ohh If only I had the money",.... Sure, is a sign of appreciation, but at the same time I feel why people should even comment if they are not having finances enough to afford?

Just a simple thought. Other people of course are free to come with input, but I think is kind of disturbing not only that I make that much sales threads, but I know serveral people complained about this.

Maybe we could make, not rule, but at least like common sense. If we no have enough funds, then do not comment "I wish I had funds" or similear.

Sorry my English is bad. But I hope you get my point. I think is much more comfortable for everyone.

Anyone else have opinion? Of course you do not need to agree but well yeah, that's what's I have been thinking about regaring FW lately.  :D


I think you said it best when you mentioned that maybe they made comments out of appreciation.  I know that as a gamer / collector / seller, I'd rather see a few responses to what I posted for sale (i.e. "Oh I wish I had the money...") to nothing at all.  Here is why.

Said comments could be a hint that my asking price is too high, or it could even be a hint to the seller that although I am interested and potentially serious in buying the item, he or she also has to be serious and understanding in working with me to make such a transaction happen (i.e. maybe I have no spare/extra money right now, but could raise it in two weeks, if you allow me the time to do so, and I'd even throw in an extra 10% since you allowed me extra time to prepare the funds).

I know the interests of a lot of the other gamers/ collectors here, and can often judge their meanings by their words.  I feel a lot of times it could be more than just the literal meaning of "Nice item but I have no money and am poor".

This is just my opinion though, I hope I don't offend you or anyone else with it :)
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Yeah but if they want indicate the price might be too high, usually the seller set a price or "OBO" or what is is called. Of course your point is valid and you are more active within trade forums than me, but wouldn't it be easier just sending a PM like "Can we work out something?" than just writing "Ohhh I wish I had the money" which (excuse me if I am wrong) which for me indicate that 1: Yes, they are interested. 2: Their interest unfortunately is just an interest.

Sure, if seller is flexible is no problem. But many (if not most) threads have these comments, and how many does really get a deal out of it?

Excuse me, I just curious. No mean to criticize anyone who does, but my genereal rule is that if I have enough funds, then I write. If not, I send PM or mostly I do not write at all.  :P



Like fcgamer I find it helpful when people comment on a sales threads - and it usually only gets more eyes on the thread.

Essentially we'd be shutting down discussion and engagement with sales threads, which in general only hurts that thread's sale prospects.

I actually used to try and comment on threads to give them a bit of a bump, I thought it would help but to be fair some people did get a bit annoyed about it.  

FCgamer by coincidence I did comment on your MegaDrive thread genuinely earlier - it reminded me of this thread.  I think there's a bit of give and take on this one personally.
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I don't buy, sell or trade at moment.
But my question is how hackers at that time were able to hack those games?(c)krzy


I comment on these threads after consideration if my comment might help the seller to sell or not. Even if it's only a "sorry no funds" type. And when I see one of these, it rises my interest in the product.
But I am not against a no-comment rule, because not everybody thinks ahead.