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Started by P, July 03, 2019, 02:55:16 pm

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:mario: Super Mario Maker 2 - Famicom World Courses Thread  :star:

Anyone that has Super Mario Maker 2 and wants to share their courses can post their course IDs here. If you play a course here you can also post feedback to the creator here and discuss. Only post course IDs that Famicom World members made themselves.

Here is my first entry:

Name: Plain Flavor
Tag: Standard
Classic overworld course with a medium difficulty level.

I tried my best in making a balanced level and tested it many times, but I'm looking forward to hear other people's opinions. :) It's a very orthodox level with minimal gimmicks.

BTW I'm not 100% sure about the tag usage, so I want to hear if anyone have any comments on the tags. These are all the tags you can choose from (you can pick up to 2 tags per course) and what I think they are supposed to mean.
(Japanese - English):

Standard - Standard
Any normal Super Mario course.

Nazotoki - Puzzle-solving
Courses mainly about solving puzzles.

Speedrun - Speedrun
Stages designed with speedrunning in mind. Not sure about this one.

Autoscroll - Autoscroll
Levels that mainly uses autoscroll.

Auto-Mario - Auto-Mario
Courses that plays themselves.

Ippatsuneta - Short and sweet
Courses that are shorter than normal.

Minna de Battle - Multiplayer Versus
Courses suitable for the online battle mode.

Gimmick - Themed
Courses that uses a particular gimmick as a theme through the course.

Ongaku - Music
Courses that are mainly made to play music.


Not much activity here but my course got lots of plays, so this thread seems to work well.
I uploaded a new course a while back but it only got 4 plays so far, so please consider checking it out and criticise it! :D

Name: Cave of Pits
Tag: Standard
Classic underworld course with a medium difficulty level.
Much like the first course paid homage to the SMB 1-1 course, this is doing something similar to 1-2 but with a twist.

Something I'm missing is the poison mushroom from SMB2. The rotten mushroom, although similar, really isn't the same thing.
I've been working on a few other courses as well, but nothing is ready yet. The next course will be an athletic one and a bit longer than the first two are.


My underworld course still only has 8 plays so please try it! :) I've uploaded my next course and it already got more plays than the underworld course. Now I know why it got so few plays though. Apparently newly uploaded courses have a hard time getting noticed unless they got at least one "like". My underworld course is the only one so far that has 0 likes so that's why it doesn't come up for people.

OK here is my new course:

ID: G6C-2KB-50G
Name: Cannon Valley
Tag: Standard, Auto-scrolling
Auto-scrolling athletic course with jumping fish and cannon batteries. Medium-hard to hard difficulty.

This one turned out much harder than I meant to (I actually died several times when clear-checking it for upload). The auto-scroll is set to slow, so don't activate blue platforms by jumping on them too early or you will have nowhere to stand on since the screen won't be able to keep up. I actually wanted to make the flying Pukupuku/Cheep-cheep from SMB1/2j but it's not possible in Mario Maker so they behave a bit different. Also it seems you can't make normal-sized Killer/Bullet Bill to appear from nowhere so I filled the level with cannons instead.
It's probably the course I'm the least happy with, but I feel I can't make it much better unless I remake it from scratch again. I uploaded it anyway and I want to hear what other people think about it. It'll be a stepping stone to make better courses.

Having made three courses in SMB-style the fourth one will of course be a castle course. This one is going pretty well and I think it's already quite fun to play.
Please look forward to it. :)


A ground course, an underground course and an athletic course. The fourth course is a castle course, of course. I made it long ago but I finally got around to upload it after some smaller adjustments.

ID: 5TP-526-VMF
Name: Castle Bones
Tag: Standard, Boss Battle
Can you find the secret treasure chamber?

This one is probably really medium difficulty and much easier than the last one. I think it's possibly the best course I've made so far. It's not as annoying anyway. There are several secrets here so try to find them all.

I've also made a bunch of other courses but nothing that I'm willing to upload yet.
Super Mario Maker 2 has many new features now, like Koopaling enemies, a bunch of new power ups and finally a way to make worlds! But it doesn't seem to be possible to share a world does it? You can upload two worlds, but they only seems to show up randomly. At least the courses can be uploaded individually as well.


Finally I got in the mood of some Mario Making again and uploaded a new course! :)  :question: :mario: :coin: :coin: :coin: :question:
 I still have many more or less finished courses since long ago that I've just never uploaded (and they use SMB3 and SMW gameskins, not only the SMB one like the ones I've uploaded do), so I finally decided to finish one of them and decided to upload it. The others will probably also get uploaded at some point later. Anyway, enjoy:

Name: Forest Lake
Tag: Standard, Technique
Underwater maze in a lake deep into the forest.

There are three (optional) large coins to be found throughout the course.
This course follows the same theme as the previous courses I've uploaded so far, where I try to make typical courses you would find in SMB/SMB2j but with a little more liberty and a few twists. This means I don't go crazy and try to limit the obstacles to things that exist in those games for the most part, but with a bit of SMB3 and SMW features added in (plus some things that are unique for Mario Maker).

Forest Lake is my first underwater course and it was supposed to mimic the type of underwater courses you encounter in SMB/SMB2j, but as it turns out that was not really possible. There is simply no way to have a visible water surface in an underwater course like you see in SMB/SMB2j and some SMB3 water levels in Mario Maker 2. There is a tidal water feature but it only works with the forest sceneskin and not the underwater sceneskin which I wanted to use to get the green rock sea bottom with corals that SMB/SMB2j water levels has.
So instead I created a traditional submerged level like found in SMW and later Mario games, whit the start and goal being above water.

It's too bad that you can't make half-water half-land levels (other than with the forest sceneskin) like is common in all Mario games since SMB3, but that's a common problem with tools like Mario Maker 2 in order not to make it too complex.

I'm also a bit disappointed that the dreaded Kyodai Pukupuku/Big Bertha that debuted in SMB3 and could insta-kill Mario/Luigi isn't really in the game. You can give a mushroom to a Pukupuku/Cheep-cheep but all it does is make it larger, it doesn't get different behavior, it specifically doesn't try to eat Mario in one gulp like it should when near the surface or spit out baby Cheep-cheep when in deeper water.
The closest relative is the Fugumannen/Porcupuffer which is exclusive to the Super Mario 3D World gameskin (which is weird since this fish had its debut in SMW). It actually acts like Big Bertha and tries to eat Mario, which is also weird since it never did that in any Mario game before Mario Maker 2. It was just a spiky (and thus unstompable) fish that would follow you. And anyway the Super Mario 3D World gameskin has many unique obstacles not found in any other gameskin and is incompatible with those (if you change gameskin the course will be cleared).

There is a big Cheepcheep somewhere in Forest Lake.

Hopefully I will upload my next course quite soon! :D