Cant remember the name of my old Famicom Game

Started by UnalD, August 09, 2020, 05:12:35 am

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I spend last 4 to 5 hours searching for my old famicom game I havent give up yet but I needed help from a professional  so I came here.

all I can remember is that it starts on a roof  it was 2d we were fighting with enemies and after that scene there was some place like castle and we were trying to rescue our friends from a prison.

Please help me you can say any game that have similarity with and I will check it.


The first Famicom game that came to my mind with "starts on a roof" is Elevator Action, but the rest of the description doesn't really fit.

Ninja Gaiden II's first stage is on the rooftops. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game NES (just Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the Famicom) has a quick cutscene on the roof of a burning building and there's a castle-ish stage somewhere down the line.

Do you remember if the gameplay was more action-platformer like Ninja Gaiden or beat-em 'up like TMNT? Or was it a top-down game?


Some games fit within parts of the description you gave but the hard part is "rescue our friends from a prison". Most games from this era had you either rescue a princess, your girlfriend or a relative of yours.
Some titles that I could think of were:
Castlequest for NES (known as Castle Excellent on Famicom), the whole game is castle-themed, it's 2D and you fight enemies.
Legacy of the Wizard for NES (known as Dragon Slayer IV: Drasler Family on Famicom) it's also 2D, you fight enemies, there are some castle stages and has an end scene with all the family greeting you so that might be where the "friends" part comes from.
Astyanax for NES (known as The Lord of King for Famicom) is similar to the previous titles except it's more of a beat'em up, has larger sprites and it does have a beginning cutscene where it looks like you're on a roof.

If you can give more details about the game, like if it had big characters or everything was small, the look of the protagonist, if the game was long, hard or any detail worth mentioning, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for replying

We were humans in this game first we were able to choose a character we were a member of a mafia I think and we had a gun to shoot enemies.In the roof we shoot witches while they fly with a broom. In a cut scene in the beginning our friends were holding the jail bars I remember that.


I found the game after I replied turns out the castle I remember is almost non existent lol the game is

Lupin Sansei - Pandora no Isan (FC)


I am locking the topic thank you very much you guys made me think