Exclusive Famiclone console - HTE Haitai Supercom

Started by adver, November 18, 2020, 12:07:22 am

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November 18, 2020, 12:07:22 am Last Edit: November 19, 2021, 08:28:08 am by adver

I present to your attention a unique HAITAI Supercom famclone in a complete set
I'm sure not everyone knows about the existence of this type of set-top box, and only a few can boast of the presence of such a monster in their collection.
We can talk about this console for a long time, so I will try to briefly introduce you to this masterpiece of engineering.

The first thing that catches your eye is, of course, the built-in joysticks, and they are built into Supercom not in a way known to all of us as on the same juniors, when the wires hang from the set-top box. Here the wires are in the set-top box itself, and the joysticks are located in special connectors.
Moreover, on joysticks you can see "sliders" incomprehensible to many - these are nothing more than the ancestors of turbo buttons. When the sliders are in the standard position, buttons A and B perform their main role, but after moving the sliders to the center, these buttons become narrower Turbo-A and Turbo-B.

Agree, this is a very interesting alternative to ordinary buttons, perhaps in terms of the game it is not very convenient, especially when there are ordinary joysticks, but in terms of collection it is of significant importance, because only the first famclones were equipped with such sliders.
The cartridge compartment is protected by a movable latch, and the gun slot is covered by a plug - an important point as these plugs are often lost.
Inside, oddly enough, the console is a full-fledged board with many microcircuits, which, as it were, hints at the build quality.

Joysticks are also based on microcircuits.

Unlike the usual famiclones Supercom is a NTSC format console, which means that the sound during the game is more dynamic than on Pal consoles, and the picture is stretched to full screen, as it should be, while on most clones the bottom and top of the screen remain stripes.
To some, such differences may seem insignificant, but after playing on this console I have no desire to look in the direction of the other famiclones.
I provide a video of performance + comparison with Dendy Classic


Supercom has been with me for more than 7 years, and during all this time I turned it on a maximum of a couple of times to check it, and judging by the external and working state, the previous owners did not often get it out of the box either.
In addition to the fact that the sound on Supercom is more dynamic and the picture is full screen, the buttons work smoothly, effortlessly, it cannot be otherwise, because the console is assembled conscientiously, even the joysticks' rubber bands are as good as new.

Considering the date of manufacture indicated on the box, it is not difficult to calculate that the prefix is ​​already  30 (!) Years old , as they say, "Dandy" has not yet been in the project.
In addition to the console itself with built-in joysticks, the kit comes with a native power supply and a cartridge with the B-Wings game, which is also perfectly preserved.

Supercom from HTE, in comparison with its counterparts, has the most presentable appearance, for example

Considering all of the above, I can say with confidence that such a prefix, and even in such a state, you will not soon see on sale, because such things only become more expensive over the years.
I would gladly keep this rarity for myself, but circumstances do not allow, therefore for 170$. ready to part with her, more than adequate for such a Thing.

The console is located in Ukraine
Payment WU RIA Moneygram
There are reviews from buyers on the website gbx.ru and the Ukr trading platform
Postal services cost approximately $ 30 (package weighing over 4 kg)
If you have any questions - write in a personal


Well, it's one of those Aaronix variant. Pretty cool console and I (being a proud owner of a one) can confirm what you're saying, it really is a damn solid Famiclone 8)

btw. I dunno if it's just me or pics doesn't show up...


I've got two original Aaronix machines (sadly just loose, no box or anything) and living in Taiwan I am of course partial to the originals to any models for other markets...

That being said, this is a beautiful piece, and the box looks great too! I've got no money now, but if you're still selling it early next year, I might be interested in it. :)
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Brilliant but sadly, I have other consoles on my mind so cant afford this but still, brilliant! Perhaps I should get in touch with the Polish side of the family and see what they had....as I speak the language, I might take a trip there to track some old consoles down!


Is it compatible with the famicom disc system?


Quote from: TheUnlicensedGameNerd on May 17, 2021, 03:57:38 pmIs it compatible with the famicom disc system?
I dont have a fds, but I think in any case, through the adapter, you can connect and will work