I’ve made a dramatic change in my life and feel it’s necessary I address it.

Started by BonBon, March 22, 2023, 08:52:14 pm

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Hello everyone. Many of you may know me on this message board for a decade or so. Unfortunate as it may seem I've moved on to different hobbies. I'll still always have a deep love for the famicom. That being said I'm selling off large portions of my collection of very rare items. I feel that this needs to be addressed considering the high dollar value of these deals. If there's any confusion of my current name or gender identity well here it is. I now identify as a trans gender female, and I'm also a Lesbian. I legally changed my name to Bonnie and I'm on HRT.  I'm not gonna bore everybody with a rant about how gender identity and sexual orientation are to completely separate things. I'll answer any questions anyone should have. This Is the first time And only time I'll post a side by side comparison of an old photograph of myself and a current photograph of myself. Also reaching out to the mods I'd really like to change my username from JayRay to BonBon if that's at all possible. I'm sure the most frequently asked question will be, why? Well this is the reason why I chose to become who I am today, because I wanted to be beautiful and for the first time in my life I really feel beautiful and look beautiful. I find women beautiful, so why would I not want to look like that also. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Feel Free To Follow Me On Instagram my user name is bossbitchbonbon


We should all feel comfortable to be who we are and live our lives how we want. Happy to see you're doing so.

Sorry to hear you're selling off your Famicom stuff, though.


I've known Bonnie for about a decade now, from right around the time I had moved to Taiwan and started my life anew, and over the years I had sold her a lot of FDS to cartridge conversions, and we also just chatted about life and other things off and on. I also purchased some things from her previously, off and on too, so the street went both ways.

Flash forward to last summer and I had received a message from Jay-ray's account asking if I would be interested in purchasing the FDS collection. I was really late to respond, as although I would have loved to purchase the whole set, due to new tax rules in the States I didn't have much gaming "play" money to spend, and similarly, I already had most of the carts in my collection anyways. I had sort of wondered about the name change and even did a double-take when I saw the profile picture from the email account, so I began to wonder about things but that what it until Bonnie messaged me herself and told me about her transitioning.

Like ericj said, I'm really glad that you are happy and able to be yourself. Even though you've moved on to other hobbies (oddly enough I think I could say the same, though I just don't want to recognize it), who knows when our paths will cross again, so stay in touch!
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HRT or not, have you tried laser or IPL hair removal? I hate having body hair, and after using Braun's Silk Expert Pro, I'm now less hairy than most girls. :-* [/sponsor]

Dislaimer: This does not work a men's facial hair. Do not look directly at the light. Darker skin tones, be advised you will burn your skin off. :fire:


Have been away for a while from the forum and asked in the sale thread what made the change of heart to sell some of that stuff, I know you were really into it and I enjoyed following the latest collection pickups I saw here and there, plus I saw you in a YT video once at a con saying how nice it is to meet your Famicom hobby friends in person etc.

So this was new to me, but good for you - hope it's all going well and you have all the support you would hope for.
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