List of FDS games ported to carts

Started by JC, April 26, 2008, 10:24:19 pm

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You're right. Imagine 90s Japanese children mad at their parents because they got the wrong game...


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I know I'm thread necro-ing but this seems like a better option than starting a new thread-- How does this work? How do people port FDS exclusives to carts? I AM VERY INTERESTED in a Metroid cart, either making my own or buying one, even if its just a port of the NES version. Help me out y'all!


It's a manual process and not trivial. You might want to disassemble it and learn how it works then rewrite it for an MMC3 mapper or something. In Metroid's case it's already ported though so you may want to take a look at the NES version as well. Metroid uses FDS sound so the sound engine must be modified as well (or rip out the NES one).

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If you're more interested in the saving aspect of Metroid, there's a hack that replaces the password system:

I haven't played it myself, though.


My plan was to use the NES version rom of the game and put it on a Famicom cartridge. From what I can tell, I should be able to use Ultima:Exodus as the donor cart and I'd need to do some desoldering/soldering. I appreciate all of the input so far. If I'm saying anything that's just absolutely wrong, let me know lol



There's also a Japanese translation patch for the NES version, complete with translated title screen if that's something that tickles your fancy. 
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If you use the NES version you don't need to do any porting at all.


I'd still need a donor cart right? Ultima: Exodus is correct?


I don't know much about hardware but from what I can tell from Bootgod's NES Cart Database both games use SNROM (MMC1) boards.


Yeah that's what I'm basing it on as well. If it works out, maybe I'll write up a little guide for it?