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Last Movie/Show You Saw?

Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:13:57 pm

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Did your eyes fall out?

Last movie was There Will be Blood. I think the last show I watched was the news before school.
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Twilight is fun in a cheesy way- up to the baseball game. After that, it lost my interest quite a bit.
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Some episodes from season 4 of King of Queens

Agent X

Currently on episode #5: Face of Evil (well it's the next episode)
I'm a huge Lee Marvin fan and had never heard of this Police Drama
TV Show, so when I saw the box set yesterday night at SAM'S Club I
picked it up as a Birthday gift to myself.  ***It's interesting seeing
Chicago back in 1957, and I love the Film Noir approach it took
which is worlds different from today's Law & Order, etc.

Gaming peaked in the 8-Bit & 16-Bit eras...
all else is just rehashes and insanity passing
itself off as "gaming."
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What does the "M" stand for?
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Agent X

M is for "Murder".  Basically THE M SQUAD was a
1957 prototype for what would be the norm later on
police shows.  It's a homicide detachment but also
serves as an "all purpose special duties unit" as well
answering only to the Chief of Police and no one else.

It's interesting to see.  I think the format would work even
in today's TV series because of how quickly it moves, and
let's face it... we're in an age of immediacy and AD/HD, with
guys like me having been weaned on MTV Smash Cut music
videos.  Put in the present day, at only a half hour (though it have
to be an hour long these days) it could work.  Though I pray to
GOD no one would remake this show... it's perfect as it is.
Gaming peaked in the 8-Bit & 16-Bit eras...
all else is just rehashes and insanity passing
itself off as "gaming."
~Agent X


This series will be remade with Justin Timberlake in the leading role.

Haha, it's only a joke. The leading role will be Brad Pitt of course.  :P


Stuart Little .... I have no excuses.
"Sorry our pell chec is in another castle"


Stuart Little is a nice movie. I even have the DVD set with both films.


The Wizard is on HBO Family tonight -- I'll be watching!


Iron Man -- gawd that was terrible.


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The Dark Knight for the 11th time. Damn this movie is still good.

Blue Protoman

Last night I saw an episode of Clerks on Adult Swim.  It was that episode where J sues Dante for leaving a spill on the ground in his store, and J slips on it.

The ending was fantastic!  :D
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