Last game you beat (including Famicom)

Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:29:29 pm

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Cool, I've included it in my next batch, thanks!
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Go! Dizzy Go! (NES)

It's probably the best game of the four games on the Quattro Arcade multicart.
Can Nintendo Age Beat Every NES Game in 2015?



So I finally got a working copy of Metroid for the FDS and I just completed it. I was anxious that I'd run into an error code every time it loaded a new area so it was kind of an ordeal. One difference between the NES version and the FDS version that never seems to get mentioned is that you always start in Brinstar no matter where you save your game. Also the final showdown vs. Motherbrain seemed much harder, the rinkas can totally destroy you here.

I actually died at Motherbrain, and when I reloaded the game and went to pick up the energy tank in the roof in the beginning (I always leave it for last so I don't need to grind) it was gone. The bridge to Tourian was also activated. So it seem like the FDS version saves some data to disk each time you load a new area.

I had to grind some Metroids for health, though I died at Motherbrain again. So reload, more grinding (saying good bye to the best ending) and then, finally, I destroyed MB. As the ending was loading I got an Err. 27. Fuuuuu! I ejected and reinserted the disk around 5 times and suddenly the ending loaded. Got the best ending after all. :) I also got really lucky with that tricky jump for that one missile tank, so I even got 100% items in this run.

I also went through Hanjuku Hero again earlier today.


Heh I wasn't smart enough to save that energy tank for last so I had to grind for energy before Tourian (then I realized that metroids gives off tons of energy when killed).

Anyway cool findings. You should post them here Oh I should post our findings about Paluthena and Kid Icarus there too!


Valis famicom it was epic but very confusing probably one of the most confusing games I've ever played the maps aren't worth a shit. Got the best ending by refusing to accept taking the place of valia and defeating her. Which allows yuko to return to her normal life.


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Anyway cool findings. You should post them here Oh I should post our findings about Paluthena and Kid Icarus there too!

Done! I checked some videos on Youtube and the Rinkas/Lasers seem to do 15 points of damage in both the NES and FDS version. Don't know why I had so much trouble there, haven't died in that hall in ages. Read somewhere that there's less lag in the FDS version (though I occasionally thought it was the opposite way around whilst playing) perhaps that's the reason I failed twice. Less reaction time, i.e. no "8bit bullet-time" ;)


Rockman X2 on Super Famicom

Definately not as hard of a final boss than X4 had but one of the last stages had a really hard section with a platform that moved in one of 4 directions when jumping on it, kind of like that one stage in Super Mario 3 but much harder.


The Legend of Zelda -Twilight Princess on GameCube. That's the 4th time I've beaten it, though the first time on GameCube.


smb1 and smb2 (usa) for the first time on each of them  ;D


youkai yashiki "monster house" on the famicom disk system no death run did it in about 20 minutes it took a lot of trial and error to get that good of a time and no death is a must because if you die you lose everything and it's so hard to get it back. The game can be very confusing but once you learn the levels it's a breeze. I'm thinking of doing a "play it through" video of it.


That's impressive Jay-Ray, I have personally never beat a game straight without death.


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Hostages: The Embassy Mission on Famicom. Middle Mode, Trigger Mission. Went for the "No casualties" ending, it was pretty hard getting the third sniper in place but I eventually did it. I believe the Famicom version has got different controls during the last part of the game. I think in the western version you turn using left/right and advance in the arrow's direction by pressing up, whereas in the Famicom version you simply press the d-pad in the direction you want to move. Good game anyhow.

Edit: Just found out that you can select the control type (direct or rotate) by pressing select on the map before you rappel down.

Edit: Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu: Kyouteki! Doukyuu Senshi no Maki on Gameboy. Awful controls and hard as nails, I completed it on easy mode.
I also beat Spy vs. Spy and Nankoku Shirei!! Spy vs. Spy, both on Famicom earlier today.


Hammerin Harry 2 for the famicom was not as hard as I remembered. great game that rival shooter boss is much easier to beat with a sub weapon beat him first try. Still some intense platforming on that last stage. I think I may have got the bad ending cause I had the professor laughing at me at the end and can't read Japanese so don't know what he was saying game just started over from the beginning. Maybe nightstar can shed some light on this I know he is a big fan of the series.


Sure thing, Jay. I will follow wherever Gen-San advice is needed.

First off congrats on clearing Gen-San 2 yet again. That final stage pretty much never gets easier, those vertical jumping segments are so hard and luck-based. Regarding the ending, just like the first game in the series, Daiku No Gen-San 2 requires you to beat two loops to get the better ending. In Daiku No Gen-San 1, the second loop is MUCH more difficult than the first, but in Gen-San 2? The second loop isn't much different, in fact, the only real difference I've noticed is that the final boss is a lot more aggressive in the second loop... but he's still not too tough.

So yeah, if you want to get the better ending (with a couple additional panels, I believe) then feel free to play the second loop of the game. Just know that it won't be very different from the first loop.
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