Hong Kong Famicom + Disk Drive - FS / Need help testing!

Started by Sonny_Jim, August 10, 2011, 12:17:33 pm

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August 10, 2011, 12:17:33 pm Last Edit: August 10, 2011, 01:30:08 pm by Sonny_Jim
Hi all,

I picked up a HK famicom with FDS a couple of years ago when I was over there and the time has come to sell it.  As I've not got any jap carts or disks I'm in a bit of a predicamen as I can't test it at all.  I haven't tried powering it up since I bought it. but I did recently and all I get is a white screen.

Couple of questions:

1.Does this white screen indicate anything (ie good?)
2.What sort of PSU will I need for the FDS ?
3.Is there anyone from the UK (preferably South West) who would be willing to meet up and help me test it?
4.I am assuming the drive belt will be perished, any ideas where I can get one in the UK?
5.  Where would be best to sell it?  I'm loathe to use eBay but I couldn't seem to find a UK based retro gamer forum that had a ''For Sale' section.


There's no real way of testing it if you don't have the FDS AC adapter or a famicom cart. Although, I would buy the HK famicom.


I'm based in the South West UK and I'm looking for £75 ono.  The battery cover is missing from the FDS, there's no PSU but other than that it looks complete.

Pics of the FC + FDS are here:

I've also got a fully boxed Jaguar with 8 games and a boxed spare controller for sale at £85 ono:


The FDS will operate on the same PSU as the Famicom. Is that Hk system A/V modified? I'm looking for one that has not been converted, as well as a HK RF module to complete my HK collection.

Actually, I'm also looking for HK-Market FC games, just to compare them (outwardly) to the releases in Nippon. Even photos would be nice to add to the references...

Does anyone have (non-pirate) FC games from the HK market, boxed or otherwise that you could photograph? :bomb: