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Finds (All Others)

Started by JC, August 26, 2006, 12:11:58 pm

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bought a boxed ice climbers for $8


Quote from: MarioMania on July 10, 2007, 11:36:26 am
Players Choice version

Derp, I can't believe I forgot about the "Player's Choice" thing.


I got FFXII,Naruto Ultimate Ninja2, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 all for ps2
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Bought Yoshi's Island DS today.


ePrey : CIB/MIB final fantasy 5 - super famicom - £2.20/$4.40

My best find so far sincing joining ebay, close 1st with CIB master system £14/$29


That's a good find for that price.
I paid around 400 Yen for my FF5 in Japan. :)


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I got an original gameboy for around $4.

I was surprised because i got 4 and 6 the same day for nearly 4X the amount 5.
i'm josthoping it's the same deal with 1 and 3, i spent $27 on CIB FF2.

Update: my friend GAVE me his n64, complete[all leads etc.]. Pretty nice of him i would say.
Hopefully when another friend comes back from holiday he siad he would give me his SNES stuff, he siad it would be CIB he just can't find the box, but no complaints either way.


On Friday I went to Gamecrazy to order a PS2 Game, I got in the mean time

2 for $5

Tecmo Super Bowl II
Tecmo Super Bowl III

all for the Genesis


Today I just bought a whole batch of NES games, and one of them was a SuperVision cart! On the top of the cart it said,''Super Mario Bros. 3.''  Me, thinking it was just the normal Mario 3 with the racoon and power ups, wasn't really surprised of the SuperVision cart...until I popped it in my NES! The game turned out to be none-other than the japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2! :o The game has a hacked title screen, replacing the title by different game sprites, and you can chose ANY level you want before you start your game! Really cool find. :)


That sounds too cool. I'd love to see some pics of the cart/screen, if you don't mind.


Here are some pics! Also notice they replaced the named Mario by Rambo on the game select screen! :D


something cool to have.

I wonder what the first 2 were like.


I also wonder how much it could be worth? SuperVision carts are pretty hard to come by, and Super Mario 2 japan pirates are also  pretty hard to find. :)


I just bought an XBox (complete with box) with 6 games, 2nd controller and the DVD kit for 72 Euros shipped.
Maybe I can sell 4 of the games (as I don't like them) and make the box itsself a better deal. ;) Although it's already a good deal, seeing that used XBoxes usually go for 70 Euros without games. :)