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Price Check

Started by Dain, July 25, 2007, 02:48:59 pm

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I am currently selling two copies of super Mario world
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Quote from: Marlon on March 11, 2010, 08:36:02 pm
I am currently selling two copies of super Mario world

This is a price check topic, not a selling topic. I swear you don't do anything right  :D

Super Mario World for Famicom, or SNES? Forgive me for saying I'd be surprised if you of all people actually had two copies of the FC pirate  :-X


What's the going rate on the original Nintendo DS and the DS lite?  Surely DS lites aren't still worth $90 are they?  That's all I'm finding on eBay.
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The Chief

Could someone tell me what an original cart only copy of Recca Summer Carnival '92 goes for?  Yes I realize it's a rare game and goes for a considerable amount of money but I'm new to Famicom collecting and just not sure how much.


The Chief

If you see a copy around that price range please let me know.


How much is Hammering Harry worth cib?
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That's tough to price. I'd say somewhere in the range of $35-55. But I don't do CIB.


How much is Over Horizon for Famicom worth, loose cart? I've got one for sale, put it up on shmups forum for $50 ??? 8) :-*
Amazing game but I've beaten it several times now.


Rising Stuff's price guide puts it at $35 loose.  $50 could be a bit much, but I guess somebody might be willing to spend that much.


Price check on a nice pirate game which I believe is from "Dragon" and which I'd like to sell also.

It's called "Wait and See!" - the game over scene is just hilarious, wolf literally eats you  ;D


Oooh, been wanting that one since it was sorta one of my first pirates if I remember correctly. Pirate nostalgia :P

I imagine if Vash were selling it it'd be around $8-$15 or something. There's really no definite price for anything though, depends on what the person selling it thinks its worth, especially since I don't think I've ever seen it for sale before.


First time I've ever seen a Wait and See cart too. I have no idea the appropriate pricing of things but it seems like a rare game to me. Just don't let anyone pull a Marlon on you.  ;)


Nice! I've never seen one of these Dragon games other than on jbholio's website. I think they're out of Russia and they're super rare but few people are actually looking for them.