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Started by JC, September 19, 2007, 09:20:56 pm

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Quote from: SaintRaven357 on December 02, 2018, 10:04:41 pm
So I'm really not an emulator type of gamer, but what  I do like is playing reproduction carts on my authentic NES.  I have repro carts of Sweet Home and Ys 1.  I saw the SZOTONSE code for the Famicom version of Ys for Inf. Health.  I'm wondering if that will work on the US NES Game Genie with my repro cart of if there's another version for the US version.

Depends entirely on the translation patch.  In most cases the GG codes would still work, but some patches are more extensive than others and would move code around such that GG codes would not work without modification.  Best bet is to just try it and see what happens.

Quote from: Jedi QuestMaster on December 03, 2018, 12:45:03 am
The thing with RPGs... is that all party members have their own health, different enemies deal different values of attacks, and I believe there are several ways to die in this game (I've never fallen into a pit before; how does that look? ???).

It would use the same routine for all of the players, though, just changing which address it loads from and stores to.  I usually look for where they are subtracting health and either skip it or force it to subtract zero.  Sometimes better off commenting out the part where it stores the reduced health, though.  Certainly there are a lot of other cases to handle in RPGs, though (like falling into pits or whatever, like you said).


Here's an SMB code.
YEAAAA: Mario eats some shrooms if you know what I mean.


Could I please get an infinite health code for Konami's Getsufuu maden? Thanks.


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Quote from: satoshi_matrix on January 26, 2019, 05:45:36 pm
Could I please get an infinite health code for Konami's Getsufuu maden? Thanks.

OTXGTYSV - infinite heath - you still get knocked around, but you won't lose health

These two stop you from getting knocked around (you just walk through enemies).  I think 1 is for enemies and 2 is for projectiles.  I played through five or so stages and never got knocked back, but there may be some enemies that still do?
AVESPPSZ - no knockback (1)
AVVIYLSZ - no knockback (2)

SZXTYEVK - infinite lives - for those pesky pits

Oh, also made this one by accident:

ATOKPYSA - one-hit deaths - in case you're feeling masochistic :bomb:


Hello again!
Can someone confirm this code is doing what it looks it does and nothing more? no garbage?
It's for Shatterhand (U) [!]
Infinite Energy
It looks like it's working but you know some codes.... Thanks


Those look okay to me.  There's a routine in the game that loads your health, subtracts from it, and then stores it.  The codes are modifying that routine so that it does not store the decreased amount back in.  I couldn't get to a point in the game where the second code is needed, but it looks like it would work the same way as the first one.


Oh thats great insight! Maybe there is some special level that needs the second part. I wish I understood this genie stuff like you do UglyJoe...
So straight into the rom! Thanks a lot!


Well I gues I'm the only one keeping this thread alive :)
Anyway, I am in need of another code, for Guevara (japanese counterpart of Guerilla war).
I have tried codes for (U) version but they don't work, and couldn't find a japanese GG website...
I am looking for a simple "life counter" code, code that will freeze the counter and doesn't substract when player dies.
So, not "invincibility", just unlimited lives.   ....funny, the other thing is "undamageability"? :D
THANK YOU (UglyJoe ;) )


SZSKNVVS - Guevara: Infinite lives (both players)


Quote from: satoshi_matrix on January 26, 2019, 05:45:36 pm
Could I please get an infinite health code for Konami's Getsufuu maden? Thanks.

take this code
tested and working  8)


Quote from: UglyJoe on November 09, 2019, 08:17:43 pm
SZSKNVVS - Guevara: Infinite lives (both players)

Working perfectly! Thank you so much for your help!!!!
Now me and my friend can get some beers and have a Guevara night when we actually beat the game ;D